10 Best Uses of Dropbox

Drop Box is one of the best sharing service. It can be used to back up your files to a cloud, you can also sync files between different computers and even share files with your family or friends. This is what most people use Drop box for, below you will find some clever ways to use Drop box and if you do not use Drop box, you can still use the methods listed below with other file sharing service like Google Drive, Sky Drive, Cubby or anything else. 

10.) Monitoring Your PC for Unauthorized Acces or Running Tasks

You can monitor your PC while you are at work. Whether you want to check on your downloading or you want to know if your PC is being used while you are away. This can be done with Drop box, all you need is a tool that takes screen shots and a way to trigger the screen shot, you can use a hot key script for the triggering process. Now just check on your Drop box folder and you will get a timeline of almost everything that is happening on your pc.

9.) Sharing Important Files Securely

It is known that Drop Box is one of the best services for sharing a file but that’s not it, it is also very good for sharing sensitive and important information, like passwords or tax returns. Drop box will encrypt anything that you upload and it will download the files over a very secure HTTPs connection, keeping that file transfer secure all the way to the end. If you want, you can Zip and encrypt the files for a little extra protection.

8.) Managing Your Bit Torrent Downloads

Almost all of the Bit Torrent clients come with a web interface which allows you to monitors add and even remove torrents remotely but there you can also use Drop box for adding new torrents. All you have to do is tell the Bit Torrent client to monitor a folder in the Drop box for new torrents. Now when you file a new torrent you want to down but you are not at home, simply add the torrent file to your Drop box folder, and your Bit Torrent client will pick it up and start downloading.

7.) Quick Installing Android Applications and ROMs

As know that Google Play store is the best place to download apps for your Android device but once in a while you will find an app that you have to download and install via the APK file, or sometimes you want to flash the ROM of your phone. With Drop box you don’t have to use the USB cable of your phone as you can simple drag and drop the APK file or even the Zip into your Drop box folder and use the Drop box app on your smart phone to download the file.

6.) Printing Documents with Your Home Printer using Other Computers

If you are out and you want a document that you would like to print at home, you can use Drop box for it. All you have to do is have a script that monitors the Drop box folder for documents and then prints them. Now you can simply add documents to your Drop box folder using any computer or even a smart phone and when you are home, you will have a printed copy waiting for you.

5.) Hosting a Web Site or a Start Page for a Browser

If you want to host a website, you can do it via Drop box for free. You can either set this up manually or you can use a service like Drop Pages. You can also use this trick to sync a custom start page for your browser, whether it is created by you or one you downloaded from the internet.


4.) Creating Your Very Own Cloud Based Music Library

Don’t like the cloud based music service? Why not make one using Drop box. You can set up Drop box to sync all the music you have on your computers and cloud, so you can enjoy the same music everywhere. Once you set up the cloud library, you can use a web player like the Drop Tunes to enjoy your music on other computers without downloading; you can even enjoy your songs on a smart phone using the Boxy Tune app.  The cloud library also requires a lot of space, so make sure you use your storage space wisely.

3.) Launching Different Application and Running Commands on Your Home Pc

The same way you can print different documents remotely using Drop box, you can run different application and commands remotely on your home Pc.  All you have to is add a script like the Auto Hot Key one mentioned above, the Linux user can find a tutorial online also.

2.) Converting and Sharing Your Files Automatically

One of the most useful Drop box tricks includes tools like Drop Box Automator and the Wapp Wolf. By using these tools you can easily convert an image by simply dropping it into the Drop box folder. You can even set it up so it would upload all of your synced photos to Flickr or Facebook.

1.) Keeping the Same Applications, Passwords and Setting on All of Your PCs

For people who have multiple computers, Drop box becomes one of the best ways to share files and have them ready when needed, but that’s not all you can do with it. You can have your favorite applications ready with your settings on all your PCs. Portable apps work better with this, since all their settings are kept in one folder; you can easily sync them all between your PCs. You can even sycn other settings too, like your custom Microsoft Word Dictionary, your Pidgin and Firefox profiles, or anything else you like. You can also use the Drop box as a password syncer, this will keep your password safe and make it available anywhere you are. 

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