12 of Top Traffic Conversion Secrets

Attracting the viewers who simply click and pass is pretty much the same as window shopping at some mall – both of these activities are not productive. The only way to make money through this channel is to hold your lookers and successfully turn them into buyers. It does sound very simple but there are little things you will have to consider and take care of.

If you pay attention to the details and follow the key points mentioned, you will achieve success. As a newcomer to the world of internet marketing, you will benefit from the 12 secrets of converting your traffic from lookers to buyers.

  1. Come up with a more attractive USP (Unique Selling Proposition), because this is the one thing that will make your product, different, better, special, or more appealing as compared to others out there. This is what the USP is all about. If you’re still confused about what is being talked about over here, you might want to keep reading a few sentences further to get a better idea of USP!
  2. Instead of sounding cunning, try to sound more charming and friendly. To get perfection with what you should sound like, rehearse your lines with a friend or two, telling them about a product you like. That’s how your tone should be! If you sound similar to a high-pressure infomercial, you might not get many buyers.
  3. Go ahead and ask your viewers for help. Make them interact with you through polls, product ratings, surveys, or their opinions. This way, you cannot only get them to go through your products, but also make them think about it more, in addition to knowing about their views.
  4. Make your products appear simple and orderly. Do not form a clutter and mess things up by stuffing everything into a single webpage. Make different webpages for every product. If you see the opposite of this on many sites, that’s because they are major retailers and their brand has a huge clan of followers.
  5. Always leave your pages open. Think of your customers are gazelles who love their open spaces. Keep your margins wide and be sure not go over-fill your page. Your readers will be able to concentrate on the details better if there is some empty white space in the surroundings.
  6. Remember to tell your new viewers about positive responses from the previous ones. If your product gets a positive rating or a commendable comment, let them speak for you!
  7. Throw in some bait, and when you’re out to prepare your sales letter, make sure you mention about your bait as many times as possible. Don’t hold back on it. It’s better to have extra offers than to have a few and leaving your viewers uncertain about whether they’d like to turn into your customers or not.
  8. Your sales page might be complete, but you should not stop looking for the problems to which your product provides a solution. This way, you might be able to think of a few newer ways to promote your product and to make the visitors admire it even more! Ask them how they make use of a particular product, and use that methodology to advertise your product more positively.
  9. Make use of highlighting as it can grab a person’s attention, but if you use it too often and very excessively, it might end up frustrating the lookers.
  10. Customers love packages. Once you have presented your USP, you should add a few extra items in your ‘Buy Now’ deal, or add other limited time offers. This way, you can attract more traffic by giving rise to a sense of urgency.
  11. Ask your customer for their order. Asking repeatedly is a very strong principle from the older times, which should definitely not be ignored.
  12. Sound friendly and courteous by saying ‘thank you’ at the end of your conversation. Design a graceful ‘thank you’ email for them when their order is confirmed. Give them a phone call to get their confirmation of order. Show your appreciation, as ethics and good manners are very important in every aspect of life. By doing so, you’ll see that the number of returning customers will increase day by day!


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