3 Easy Steps for Getting Listed in Search Engines

Ezine-Articles-LogoSo you are done with making all efforts at creating your website online. Now you want to start getting orders and making sales. But there is a small problem. Internet is huge and your website hardly matters at this time. Nobody can find your website yet. In order for visitors to come to your website, it needs to be listed on the search engines. So what you can do now is to follow these simple three steps and your website will been search engine listings very soon:

Step One – Write and article that is related to theme of your website

Do not panic if you are not expert at article writing. It need not be perfect. Just write anything that you are well conversant with related to your website topic. Let it be between 300-600 words. In this article just give general information about your niche. It is not the article where  you should be selling your services or products. 

The only goal for you from this article to get a link back to your website and not a sale. As a matter of fact, most webmasters will shy away from posting your article on their website, if it has as sale pitch. The whole purpose of writing this article is to get it published on as many number of other websites as you can with a link that is pointing back to your own website. 

Step Two – Write a resource box at the end of the article having your link in it

Once you are done with creating a relevant and general information article about main topic of your website, you are not ready to create the resource box. It is generally considered ok to promote your website or product in the resource box but get to the point real quick. But at the same time resource box has to be short. The first purpose of the resource box is to get a link back to your own website and the second purpose is to get the readers of that article to click through your link to your website. 

While creating the resource box keep in mind that one of the links coming back to your website also has the keyword as the anchor text. Keywords are those phrases or words which people can potentially type in the search engines to look for your website or the services or the products it is promoting. 

Step Three – Submit this article all major article directories

Once you have finished creating your article along with the resource box, it is time to submit it to major article directories. Three of the major article directories are EzineARticles, Isnare and ArticleCity. A few article directories like Isnare will further distribute your article to other website by charging a fee. 

Do these simple three steps and all search engines will rush to find, crawl your website and then list it in their search engine listings. It doesn’t get simpler than this. 


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