3 Key SEO Factors for Internet Marketing Business Success

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The internet marketing business has become ever more challenging not only because there is increased competition due to countless online business opening up each day but also because as many internet marketing businesses are failing. This high failure rate is mostly attributed to poor quality market and demographic analysis. There are other quantitative and qualitative factors which are also at work. 

Three Factors for Considering in Online Marketing

The success or failure of an online internet marketing business depends on many factors. Earlier the only success factor used to be the number of hits, i.e. how many times a website was visited. This is still the most important indicator of how people are viewing your website. But internet marketers were also interested in knowing more information that just how many times their website was visited. Given below are 3 most important ‘w’ factors in internet marketing success:

Who – has visited. Who came to visit your website and then never visited any other page on your website? Who liked your pages so much that he or she finally went on to buy a product or service you were offering? Who took the time to fill out survey forms you were requesting to be filled and who stopped buying midway? By looking at information like this you can know who can be a potential buyer and who just dropped by your website. 

What – were they looking when they landed on your page? Was the search engine correct in bringing them to your website? What kind of products they have a need for which you can work on and make available in future? By looking at this, you can further improve your services or products to increase their coverage and market. What pages on your website were most interesting for the visitors? What pages were income generators? It might be possible that Google search wrongly brought to your website when they were looking for some other information or product. But you can create a strategy to provide product or services to fill that need in future. 

When – was your site viewed? This is a critical information for success of internet marketing business. What were the peak and off-peak hours for your website? Having this information, you can improve your marketing campaigns and their timing. It also  will help you in increasing site visits, drop-outs and bounce rate on your website. 

How These Three SEO ‘Ws’ can Improve Your Website

The above three Ws of SEO for internet marketing can help you improve your website considerably. These provide you with the information about how to alter your website design so that it better suits your niche market. Because only a website focused on your visitors and designed keeping in view the demographics can help you sell services and make sales. 

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