5 Keyword Tools Other Than Google Keyword Planner

Every internet marketing course will stress upon the importance of keywords that you choose. They make the whole foundation on which you will construct your internet marketing empire. Even otherwise, if you want to run pay per click advertising campaigns, again keywords are the what you target and build your ads targeting these.

And of course, the keyword analysis is done using automated keyword tools because it is not possible to manually analyse millions of keywords related to niche and neither we have the data about how popular a keyword is.

One of the most popular keyword tool that gave a clear idea about popular of a keyword in search results comes from Google itself. It is called Google Keyword Planner, which comes inside Google Adwords.

However, as Google has been facing stiff competition from competitors in its advertising business, it has started to be more protective of its data. So now Keyword Planner gives range based data about search volume of a keyword and not the exact search volume. This is where one may like to consider exploring other keyword tools. Here is our list of 5 Google Keyword Planner alternatives:

SEMRush: SEMRush has one of the largest keyword database after Google which comes from its own data collected from 26 different countries. Much like Google Keyword Planner, it gives keyword ideas, estimated search traffic. But it goes one step further and also provides a list of the current ranking domains and how difficult to rank a keyword is.

Keywordtool.io: This is one of the most popular Google Keyword Planner alternatives. It is free and suggests long tail keywords based on the data it scrapes from Google search engine’s suggest feature. However, if you want the data about the estimated search volume, then you will have to purchase the paid plan.

Moz: Moz is one of the most popular search engine research suite and one of their recently launched tools is keyword explorer. It also gives the ranking difficulty score of a keyword and like SEMRush it lists the domains that are currently ranking against that keyword.

Ahrefs: Another Google Adwords Keyword Planner alternative is Ahrefs. We know it is the top backlinks checking tool when you want to spy on your competition. But they have also launched a keyword research tool which will help you determine the difficulty score for ranking a keyword.

Bing: So if you want to settle for data from the competition search engine from Microsoft, then their Bing keyword tool gives you quite detailed data about keyword ideas. In order to use this keyword tool you need to have a website already verified with Bing’s Webmaster Tools. The data is not as broad as you might get with some other keyword tools though.

Apart from these top 5, there are also other paid or free keyword tools which you may like to explore on your own. Here is a list of these:

  • Keyword Discovery
  • Scrapebox
  • 7Search
  • KWfinder

One you have decided on the keyword tool, next important step is learn how to find low competition keywords.

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