5 Tips To Establish Your Authority in a Crowded Niche

While most internet marketers recommend that you start with a small niche which is obscure and with less competition. We have already written our detailed guide on how to find your niche. But it is also true that the most money is in the competitive niches like health, weight loss, internet marketing etc. So in this article we are going to discuss how you can establish in a crowded niche as an authority. Because once you are able to do that, you are going to get a big chunk of this big cake. So here is my five step guide for establishing your authority even in a crowded niche:

First of all you should be really focused on a single part of that bigger niche. For example, if it is about weight loss, you may target a smaller market out of the weight loss market and focus on something like one method of losing weight. This focus is highly important because otherwise you will be against a really uphill task if you want to dominate the whole niche of weight loss which is already highly competitive. The biggest mistake majority of the internet marketers is that they try to do too many things at a time.

So regain your focus, try to establish your authority in a smaller segment of a niche. One example of losing focus is when you try to get traffic from every possible source and try to dominate too many social media channels at the same time. For example, you are trying at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, social bookmarking, Google Plus all at the same time. This will shift your focus too often and in the end you will not be able to be successful on any of these. Try one or two at a time and see the results and if need be shift to others. It is not essential that if something is working for someone else, it should work for you.

And you also need to look at the competition in your niche. It is not essential that you be the best in a crowded internet marketing niche but you will have to be different to be successful. So try to spot that differential where you can establish yourself and work for that.

Once you have become successful in one smaller segment, you can then start to focus on second segment of the same niche. For example, you may start to write reviews. It is recommended that you use a subdomain on your main domain because that will help you inherit the authority of your main domain. But this is only possible if your second niche is also a related one. Otherwise, starting a second website with a different domain name will be ideal.

The power of email list can never be underestimated. Start building your email right from the day one and do not wait till you start to get reasonable traffic statistics. You can read here why building an email list is so important and why every successful internet marketing guru swears by its effectiveness.

And lastly, it is vital that you establish relationship with your audience. Try to get in touch with them often either via email list or from other channels and ask them if what you are doing is helping them in some way and how you can provide more value to them.

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