5 Top Meeting Minutes Services

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If you work in an office, then you cannot avoid attending meetings. Such meetings can be constructive sittings where genuine decisions are made and everyone goes away knowing that something has been accomplished, but they can also be uninteresting, time wasting sessions where little or nothing gets accomplished. It all depends on who is heading the  meetings as well as the tools they employ. This article highlights the top 5 meeting minutes tools that you can use to make your meetings more productive.

Minutes.io (Webapp: Without charge)

Minutes.io provides you with stylish template that is not difficult to complete for every meeting you hold and it ensures you capture all that was discussed during the meeting, actions to be taken, who is to take those actions, as well as everybody that attended the meeting. You can make the  template as complex or as simple as you want it to be, also if create an account for yourself, you will be able to save the notes you took with hidden URLs that can be distributed only to those that attended the meeting to enable them access the notes any time they want it. It has numerous tools and keyboard shortcuts that will be useful to you as you take down notes during your meetings. You are not even required to register for the service (only if you plan to save the meeting minutes on several computers) You can simply start using the tool, take notes, forward the minutes to everyone that attended, and return any time you need to use it one more time. You will not find it difficult returning to your minutes because the tool leaves a cookie on the computer to identify it.

Microsoft OneNote (Windows: price varies, between $119 – $449 it comes with Microsoft Office)

This tool which comes with Microsoft Office is superb for note taking. If you are a Windows user, you can make the most of it to organize your meeting, notes plus minutes of the meeting. It is not difficult to use, with it, you can easily add and organize collections of notes for various events, and you can retrieve those notes from any location and the notes can be shared with others, all made possible by OneNote’s several mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android Phone.

Meetin.gs (Online: Free of charge, $19/mo Pro)

This tool offers you an easy and fast way to ensure that everyone attending your meetings have the same info and they are all thinking alike when they enter and exit the meeting. The service is not only about managing the minutes of the meeting, you can use it to manage invitations as well as responses, and set up a custom website for the meetings you organize where minutes, files that relates to the  meeting, plus the  agenda of the meeting are kept so they can easily be reached as soon as the meeting commences. Everyone attending can make comments on the  agenda, include any items they would like discussed at the meeting, then you as the person organizing the meeting can easily see everyone that will attend plus what each of them has to say. As soon as the meeting comes to an end, everybody in attendance, plus the people that did not attend, will all receive copies of the minutes as they connect to the website.

LessMeeting (Webapp: $8 – $12 per month per user depending on how many people are using it)

LessMeeting is a service that can make your meetings more productive, more concise, and faster. It offers you an all-inclusive tool with which to organize your meetings and it can connect with Google Apps and Outlook. This tool makes developing a meeting agenda easy and fast, and as soon as the agenda has been created, it can be sent, together with all other necessary files, to everyone you want to be present at the  meeting within the invitation. When everybody is present at the meeting and your meeting is going on, LessMeeting will ensure that your meeting does not sidetrack by showing a count down timer as agenda topics are discussed and notes are taken, reminding you to move to the next item on the agenda as time is reduced. The app also has numerous keyboard shortcuts plus collaboration tools to help individuals attending remotely to keep up. It also has a parking lot, which is place subjects that are worth talking about can be jotted down, but not in the present meeting. As soon as the meeting has reached its end, you  will receive a summarizing list of notes and meeting minutes, action items to forward to everyone who attended the meeting. Additionally, the app will help you gain more knowledge by giving you feedback on the meetings you organize so subsequent meetings will even be finer.

After The Meeting (Web App: Without charge, $12 per month Pro)

This service reduces the number of follow-up meetings plus status updates you need to do by arranging all to-dos, follow-up items, plus action items within a single ordered view that everyone that attended can easily see and reference swiftly. It simplifies the process of taking notes of the things that were discussed, setting up an agenda for a meeting, monitor and allocate the assignments plus work that resulted from your meetings, and allow the individuals who were given that assignment commit to it, offer alternatives, or tell you when they will finish the task. Also, every other person can review the outcome of the meeting plus your stand as regards everyone’s commitments. As the person organizing the meeting, you can monitor each person’s progress, and even receive feedback regarding your meetings, assessed by  everyone in attendance, to enable you carry on improving them.

Mention must also be made of Google Docs, which is a excellent way to monitor all that is happening in your meetings, also it enables you share the outcome of the meeting with other individuals who attended (or failed to attend) so everyone will have access to the same document. Another web application that you can use to manage meeting agendas, minutes, plus all related files within one simple interface is Ketchup. You can also use Yet Another Meeting to organize your meetings. It is an excellent meeting minutes service that also offers very good tools for managing meeting agenda. It works with Webex, Skype and Outlook.

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