7 Common Things in All Effective Websites

effective websites

FirmBee / Pixabay

When you will look at some of the most popular websites, you will notice certain similarities. Following are the characteristics in effective websites, apart from the fact that they are generally very user friendly and are easier to read.

Relevant, unique content

I am sure you might have already heard it many a time but this is something which needs a lot of repeating. You can make your website a winner by keeping the content focused, unique and relevant.

Natural use of keywords

Do not go after reckless use of keywords. Never try to fit in a keyword where it does not belong. And it is an absolute crime to use a grammatically incorrect keyword.

A focused Homepage

The home page of any website is the most important page and it should be clearly descriptive of what to expect at the website. The home page should be clearly spelling out what you focus at the website and how to find the other information on your website.

Smart and meaningful links structure

All the links on all the pages of a website should clearly be describing its purpose. It is not recommended to use “link here” as the hyperlink. Before clicking on a link, people would like to know more about what the link is about so use something relevant as the text for a link like “buy best web hosting here” or “click for more SEO examples” etc.

Meta tags, title tags and image alt tags

All pages should be having their own Title tags with a unique page name and a description of what the page is about with a keyword focus. Images must always be having alt tag. Describe whatever the image is about. If it is a kind of tutorial, say this in alt tag. If it is picture of a woman standing in a park, write that. Carefully write the most important Meta tag of description because this small excerpt will be visible in the search engines and might increase your CTR (click through rate) dramatically.

Social Media links and buttons

Social media is an integral part and parcel of SEO. You actively encourage users to share your content by visibly displaying social sharing buttons.

Site map

Search engines recommend that you use a sitemap for your website for better crawling and understanding of your website. You can create one easily by using the Webmaster Tools from Google or if you are using a WordPress powered website, there are plenty of plugins for creating sitemaps.

By making use of these 7 characteristics in your web design, you can well be on the way to creating attractive  websites which produce results.


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