8 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Marketing

Marketing on mobile is still an untapped and lucrative method of exposing your services and products to the customers. But you should follow these 8 tips so that mobile marketing works even better for your business and you.

Mobile Ready Website

It is not wise to start a mobile marketing campaign without reviewing if your website and the purchasing cycle on your website is mobile ready. All your website, email marketing emails, blog pages and shopping cart should be as good on your mobile as in case of PC. Plus, all the process and information should be flawless because otherwise you will not see many returning visitors.

Is your Audience on Mobile?

Agreed that mobile and smartphones have fast overtaken personal computers today but certain niches are still lagging behind because of older population. This section of population is less inclined towards owning, using and understanding mobile technology. Therefore, perform necessary research to find out what percentage of your audience visits your website using smartphones. Your analytics also gives you information about the browsers that they are using to access your website.

Make Purchasing Simple

Bigger buy button, less choices and hassle free check-out procedures which also work flawlessly on the small smartphone screens too increase the likelihood that people will be able to complete their purchases using their smartphones. A cleaner and easier website design is always better. In fact simple design also produces better results on personal computers to.

Multi-browser Websites

Creating mobile versions of your websites is a waste of time. This is the age of responsive web design and your website should work flawlessly on any device regardless of the size or resolution. Building responsive websites has become really easy today if you use a responsive theme with self-hosted WordPress.

Reputable Advertising Service

Split test different services available and figure out which one works best for you. There are different companies that offer mobile advertising. You need to make sure that you can keep track of the results and also demographic targeting should be precise.

Create Mobile App

Mobile apps are excellent tools for keeping your audience engaged and interested. You can also earn money by running in app mobile ads. There can be two versions: one free supported with ads and the other premium and paid version without ads. Most people will prefer the free version so you can market to them your own products, services or affiliate products.

Keep Track of Everything

Most mobile marketing applications provide you the features to track many things. Just ensure that the service you choose provide the option of tracking those metrics which you want to track. For example, if you want to keep track of the downloads of your digital product, it should provide this feature.

Test, Rinse and Repeat

Just like other marketing efforts, it is absolutely important that you keep testing and revising on the fly. And repeat the process until you reach the results you have desired. A big lesson to learn is to throw out those things which are not producing results even with hard work and head back to the drawing board again.

Marketing to mobile devices is a specific skill which needs to be learnt by anyone who wants to own a successful online business. Mobile’s popularity is growing every day. The time is right now and if you lag behind now, a lot of money will be left on the table, out of your reach.


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