7 Best Adsense Alternatives Worth Considering

adsense-alternativesAdsense is big and has transformed ordinary people into millionaires over the years. However, lately Google has tightened requirements for opening an Adsense account. Hundreds of Adsense accounts are also being banned every day due to terms of service violation against which you do not stand a chance to appeal.

However, the loss of Adsense does not mean the end of the world. There are enough Adsense alternatives which you can start using.  This might rather be a blessing in disguise. Many people have reported higher earnings after they kicked out of Adsense, mostly if they switched to affiliate marketing. Given below are top 7 Google Adsense alternatives which you should consider for your website.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the number one alternative to Adsense because countless people are using it. They rather prefer it to Adsense because of high success rates. Many internet marketers are earning millions of dollars from affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you promote others’ products on your website and earn a commission if a sale is made. Yesadvertising, Clickbank and Peerfly are some of the popular affiliate marketing networks which you might consider using.

2. Chitika

If you must use contextual and display ads, then Chitika is the best choice. Chitika gives out payment via PayPal (minimum $10) and check (minimum $50). You can even use it alongside Adsense.

3. Adversal

This is an excellent Adsense alternative and works much like Chitika.  Account approval is quick. However, your website needs to have 50,000 page views per month for getting accepted. It is an ideal replacement for Adsense.

4. Clicksor

This is one of the old Google Adsense alternatives and is quite successful. Clicksor shares up to 60 percent of ad revenue which can be paid out via Paypal or Check with a minimum payout limit of $50.

5. BuySellAds

This is one of the best replacements for Adsense. However, entry into BuySellAds network is only for quality sites due to different requirements. BuySellAds shares 75 percent of the revenue with the publishers and payment can be twice a month via PayPal with no minimum limit.

6. Amazon Associates

If your website reviews products, then it is ideally suited for Amazon Associates which is a very good option. This is not not a cost per click network, neither it is CPA but if any Amazon products are sold to buyers referred from your site, you get a commission.

7. Kontera

This is another alternative to Adsense. It is a contextual ad network that adds links in your content based on the keywords. It is a pay per click network. You can get your payment via Paypal or Check with a minimum payout limit of $50.


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