Top 7 Best Linux Distributions of 2014

We had earlier featured a detailed post about best Linux distributions and it is time to update and simply the recommendations. 

Let me say it at the start that these best ratings have been evaluated on the basis of subjectivity. In reality you can not exactly pinpoint one best Linux distro for something. As a matter of fact, the real beauty of Linux derives from the diversity it offers since it is easy to customize Linux and tweak it for any specific purpose, function or taste. Therefore the one best Linux for anyone is the particular flavor of Linux that suits his or her purpose and preference and then it can be further tweaked to make it just the prefect Linux for you. 

However, having said that, one can still identify a few Linux flavors which are the leadership candidates for a particular use. There can be too many categories for best Linux depending on the need but some of the deep categories like Best Linux LiveCD have become obsolete. Similarly with all the rage about gaming, we need to flash the best Linux for Gaming. 

Given below is a description of the best of Linux world.

Best Linux Desktop Distribution

With so many candidates for the best desktop Linux, the choice is a difficult one. 

Ubuntu from Canonical is perhaps the most popular Linux because of all the work done by Ubuntu on increasing visibility of Linux for common users. Along with this Fedora and Linux Mint are also very strong candidates in this category. However, Ubuntu has earned some bad name recently because of its dropping in of online shopping results in searches which have been termed by the community has “spyware.”

Many desktop distros have also been launched which are mobile-inspired with Unity and GNOME 3 which also led to the release of a few brand-new classic Linux desktop distros like Cinnamon and MATE. 

However, our vote for the best desktop Linux distro goes to Xubuntu which offers a very nice desktop environment with Sfce. Xubuntu has nicely implemented it in a very sleek manner. It is not very fancy in appearance but some excellent options in the panel and easy to use standard system menu and a dock. It has great loading times and can even run on lower end hardware too. If you are in search of all kind of fancy stuff in a Linux distro then Xubuntu is not for you but if you want a smooth experience without fighting your computer then Xubuntu is for you for getting the work done. 

Best Laptop Linux Distribution

Again in the case of best Linux distribution for laptop, the top choice is a member of the Ubuntu family. Lubuntu is speedy even on low specs old laptops. It is based on LXDE which is known to be the least weight gui desktop environment without compromising on any of the essential functionality. With Lubuntu, you will be having a better battery time and more system resources shall be available for resource intensive tasks like audio or video editing. 

Best Linux for Enterprise Desktop

Enterprise is something where almost all experts agree on one winner and that is Red Hat Enterprise Linux which has the right mix of interoperability, management features, productivity features and security. Its only primary competitor is SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. 

Best Enterprise Server Linux

The situation on the enterprise server category is also not much different. While SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is offering some advantages but in the end Red Hat is all the more market leader with many new innovations which include hybrid cloud and Big Data which are the rage words these days and open up endless possibilities for the users. 

Best Security Enhanced Linux Distribution

Linux stands a big step ahead from its competition graphical operating systems when it comes to security and this is visible from availability of many Linux distributions which are solely security focused. 

A new player in this category is Lightweight Portable Security and another contender based on Ubuntu is BackBox but the best vote has to go to BackTrack Linux which is the biggest name in this category and is used as the main penetration testing environment almost exclusively in the security community through out the world. Other contenders may be offering some advantages but BackTrack leads in a big way. 

Best Multimedia Linux Distribution

Ubuntu Studio is one distribution which is often cited in this category as the best but there are other big contenders too. ZevenOS is an interesting to watch out for in this category. 

However, the best performance and powerful rendering, the vote goes to Arch Linux. It has thousands of add-ons and repositories with a very active community. Arch is minimal so you can expect that your CPU can focus on demanding graphics with Arch remaining on the side line. 

Best Distribution for Gaming

This brings us to the last category which is of course not the least i.e gaming. This might not be true in the case of enterprise but a majority of gaming users had stayed on Windows because of gaming and with the decision of Valve to bring its Steam platform to Linux, this category has gained importance. 

So which is the best Linux distribution for gaming? Our choice is Ubuntu which is also favored by Valve because their tagline is “Best experienced on Ubuntu.” So in short, if you are a gaming enthusiast, Ubuntu Linux will be your choice. 

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