Best SEO Software: Which is The Best SEO Software

If you want to make use of seo software for boosting your search engine efforts, then this article is for you. However, this article may also break some of your concepts about best seo software. Please always keep in mind that best seo software is a relative term and you should be careful when you chose a software for seo software. 

I am stressing this for best seo software because you might end up in Google’s sandbox if you chose the wrong seo software. First let me tell you that which software do not fall in the category of best seo software;

Which software is NOT Best SEO Software:

Given below are the types of software which you should avoid at all costs. 

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  • Any software that does link blasts and gives you thousands of links overnight or in short period of time is not best seo software because Google does not like such links at all.
  • Any software that does spamming for your backlinks is also not in the list of best seo software.
  • Any software that does spinning and submits your articles on countless article directories is also not best seo software.
  • In general any spammy software should be avoided


Which is the Best SEO Software:

Now that you have known which is not the best seo software, it is time i tell you that which software you could use for your seo efforts. You can make use of software on the very basic aspect of seo, which is keyword research. You can also make use of best seo software for getting different type of data like traffic data, competition data etc. Such best seo software also gives the page rank, title competition and url competition data which can be very useful for your website or blog’s seo strategy. 

Two software can be recommended for best seo software list. One is called SEMRush and the other is Market Samurai. Both of these are safe to use and are extremely beneficial. 

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