Best SEO Training Courses of 2013

SEO training courses are popular for two category of people, one those wish to transform their online businesses experience, by increasing traffic and quality of website hence increasing the ROI, and other people those who see great potential in this business, and wish to create sustainable income by providing SEO services. Here are three such Top SEO training companies you could choose to learn SEO courses.

SEO Training Courses – SEOTraining SW, Morristown, Arizona

Founded in 2007, the company has an average clients list of 50 plus, with an excellent 97% client retention. Although they offer premium services and charge high, there services are unbeatable; some of their clients are, JD Mellberg Financial, AMS Entertainment, trump Network, Sexton Pest Control and many more. Holds host of workshops for professionals each month, and has regular courses such as Master SEO training on USB, Advanced SEO training on USB, SEO essentials on USB etc. For more information visit: 

SEO Training Courses – Bruce Clay Inc. Moorpark, California

Being founded in 1996, Bruce Clay Inc is one of the oldest SEO training provide in California, with almost 90% of client retention the company has some of the best clients such as Caesars enterprises, Target Stores, Victoria secret etc. The company offers SEO training courses and certifications covering SEO fundamentals and key concepts, Siloing Concepts, Site Structuring and key concepts of SEO and many more such basic and updated topics. For information visit:

SEO Training Courses – Market Motive, Scotts Valley, California

Market Motive was founded in 2007, ranks third in providing SEO Training Courses with almost 86 % client retention and high rates the company boasts some of the best companies as its clients such as DMA, Workforce investment etc. with almost 98% of overall scoring online the company offers host of self paced and online SEO courses. For more information visit: