Characteristics of Best Web Hosting Companies

best web hosting companies

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Choosing web hosting is a decision which you should never make randomly if you value your online business and website because even though all the web hosting companies appear to be offering the same features, there are big quality difference which differentiates best web hosting companies from the mediocre ones. You should always take time to evaluate and research on your web hosting options before you go for the final purchase and in no circumstances you should ever make your decision entirely on the cheap factor because a few dollars you will save while choosing web hosting might ruin  your business prospects in a big way.

So what are the factors that make the basis of best web hosting companies? In the below lines, we will discuss these factors on the basis of which you should carefully evaluate your web hosting choices.

First of all no web host can qualify to be included among the elite of best web hosting companies without having a low page speed loading rates. Most of the web hosts oversell their bandwidth, processing and storage to the point that there is a definite impact on the website speed. You will have a high bounce rate which will also affect your website rankings by search engines if your website has page load times of more than 2 seconds.

The next important ranking factor for best web hosting companies is the uptime which means how much outages the web hosting suffers on average. While no web host can provide a 100 percent uptime guarantee, most of the web hosting service providers offer an uptime of 99 percent or higher. However, do not go just by claims. Always read reviews about the uptime at independent web hosting reviews sites. Search on about the web host and you might be able to see if there were any major service outages at the web host and how they handled it. Did they have backups that they were able to restore in case of a disaster? Were they communicative during the outage with their clients?

Another important formative element of best web hosting companies is their outstanding support. They offer 24 hours round the clock support to all the customers and they are always ready to help you in case you need any assistance from their technical support staff. And the support should be human support and not in the form of some knowledge-base or automated responses. Since hiring support staff is costly, therefore, only best hosting companies spend enough on this count whereas the mediocre ones leave you to handle most of the issues yourself.

Though you MUST have your own backups, it is always desirable that you have a second level of backups on the form of web host taking regular backups. Always check about the backup frequency, especially offsite backups, to gain a level of confidence before you buy web hosting.

Security is another important factor for best web hosting companies, especially if you will be running eCommerce transactions from your website and accepting payments. Because there are strict standards applicable on your website if you want to accept credit cards. Learn how your web hosting company ensures security and compliance factors.

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