Best Web Hosting Service: Key Deciding Factors

Every looking to host a blog or a website is in search of best web hosting service. However, it is not that easy to find best web hosting service because there are thousands of web hosts on internet who are using all means to rank high on the search engines irrespective of their service level. In most of the cases web hosting companies are owned and operated by one man. Such one man enterprise can not be called best web hosting service regardless of how high it ranks on the search results. So this brings us to the question of what to look for in best web hosting service:

Best Web Hosting Service: What to look for

The most important thing related to web hosting is reliability  This is an industry notorious for disappearing web hosts leaving the unsuspecting customers in the lurch. So the most critical factor while choosing best web hosting service is the reliability of the web host. You can check the reliability factor by two means. The first test is the number of years a web host has been in business. Only best web hosting service can survive in this highly competitive business for more than one year. 

Secondly you can always read reviews about your shortlisted best web hosting service on internet. However, there is a caveat here. Do not fall for the paid reviews which web hosts use to get customers. Try to identify the independent reviews of the best web hosting service. One of the indications of an independent review will be the fact that it will look natural and will not present all rosy picture about the web host. In order to find independent reviews you may visit where genuine users post their reviews of their best web hosting service. 

Best Web Hosting Service: Which one to Choose

If you are short of time and do not want to do the research on your own, then we have shortlisted five top web hosting companies here