Best Web Hosting Sites:5 Absolutely Best Hosts

Anyone looking to host his or her blog will be in search of best web hosting sites. However, web hosting industry is really competitive in many ways. But at the same time, there are so many web hosts that it is a practical difficulty to find best web hosting sites. 

Why look for only best

There are several reasons that why you should look for only best web hosting sites. First of all web hosts are notorious for disappearing overnight. You will wake up one day and the web host will be non responsive and his website would have been gone. And of course you can not do anything about it. It will be your luck if you had taken the latest backup of your website. For this single reason you should look for only the best. 

Another important reason for lookign best web hosting sites is the quality of support and response time you will get. A third class host will not give importance to your issues and support tickets. On the contrary good hosting companies take pride in their response times. And you will need web host’s support in many situations. 

What to look for

The most important factor to look for when you are hunting best web hosting sites is to look at the age of the business. Longer a web hosting business have been in business, the less chances are that it will abandon you. And in order to remain in business in a competitive business like web hosting you will need to maintain excellent record regarding down times and support. Because otherwise you can not claim to be counted among quality hosting companies. 


Given below is the list of five best web hosting sites based on the users feedback and research:

  1. Dreamhost

  2. Hostgator

  3. Bluehost

  4. Linode

  5. A Small Orange