Best WordPress Backup Solution

wordpress backupThe importance of wordpress backup can not be overemphasized. If you are running an important wordpress website, you should never ignore the importance of wordpress backup. The internet is full of surprises and without wordpress backup, you might find yourself without any content when your website gets hacked or you are kicked out by a webhost without wordpress backup. Such a situation can potentially ruin your financial fortunes and your online business. It is, therefore, absolutely essential that you consider wordpress backup as a top priority item for your website.

Basically when you consider wordpress backup, you must keep in mind that you need to backup not only your wordpress database but also you should backup the wordpress installation files. Because in the absence of either of the two, you will find it difficult to restore your wordpress backup. So whichever wordpress backup solution you chose, you should ensure that it covers the database as well as wordpress files.

Best Free WordPress Backup Solution:

There are numerous wordpress backup plugins available at the wordpress website for installation and you can know about these through Plugins>Add New from within your wordpress dashboard. Here is a list of some of the wordpress backup plugins available for free.

However, out of all these, i would recommend that you use the following two plugins. Yes, you will need to use both the plugins to complete your wordpress backup which you could rely on in case you need to restore wordpress backup.

WP-DB-Backup for backing up the database

WordPress Backup Plugin for backing up the wordpress files.

Best Paid WordPress Backup Solution:

However, if you are looking for paid wordpess backup solution, you can consider the following paid options:

  • blogVault A very good paid backup solution which even allows you to test the backup on their website. A bit pricey in my opinion.
  • BackupBuddy  can be bought for a one time fee. But again a bit pricey for budding bloggers.
  • VaultPress is available at a monthly subscription of $15 per month per site.
  • CodeGuard offers 2 GB of free storage but do not fall for the free word because they charge $25 for 72 hours restore access.
  • myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin is prepaid and charges are on per GB storage and data transfer basis. The charges are really economical. I personally use this wordpress backup plugin for and i can testify that the rates are very reasonable. In fact $5 should last more than two months for normal websites with no huge data.
  • Blog Zapper is not a wordpress backup plugin but achieves the same functionality.

All in all my recommendation is myRepono Backup Plugin if you can spare a few dollars per month for your wordpress backup. You will feel that it is almost free when you consider the advantage of having a complete wordpress backup ( database and wordpress files ) offsite. You will sleep with peace knowing very well that your wordpress backup will be available when you need it for restoring your website.


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