Five Best WordPress Mail Plugins; Automate WordPress Mail With These

best-wordpress-mail-pluginsThe question is why would you need WordPress mail. If you are in internet marketing and you have business websites powered by WordPress you might have already heard the term list building. This list building means collecting people’s email addresses through your websites and then contact them via email and market products of your choice. This WordPress mail based list building is even more powerful that search engine traffic because you get targeted prospects and the marketing results are way better than Google search traffic.

Since WordPress is such a powerful and customizable platform, the good news is that wordpress mail is also not any issue with it. You can use WordPress mail plugins to get people’s details visiting your website and then do follow up marketing.

If you have enough money with you, you may not want to use WordPress mail and instead choose professional solutions like Aweber or MailChimp. But if you are short of money, there are free WordPress mail plugins as well.

Listed below are five of the best WordPress mail plugins:

1. WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin

This is by far the best autoresponder and newsletter plugin based on WordPress mail. It is full of powerful features at par with many paid mail services. Some of the features include customized subscription forms, email scheduling, text or HTML emails and many others.

2. ALO EasyMail Newsletter

This WordPress mail plugin is very similar to the first one and is free as well. It has some additional features like pulling content from your blog and customized email messages. It is advised that you send people in email something of value to them but also send WordPress mail which entices them to visit your blog regularly as well.

3. Sendit

This is the third WordPress mail plugin in our selection of five best WordPress mail plugins. It has a free version which lets you send emails in XHTML format. However, the really useful features are in the pro version of this plugin which requires you to spend some money.

4. Aweber Integration

This is the WordPress mail plugin from the premium Aweber mail service. But it is sadly not free and you have to spend money to take benefit from this WordPress mail plugin.

5. MailChimp Widget

When you install this plugin it integrates your emails with the paid Mailchimp email system. Like Aweber Integration, this one is also a paid service but it has a light version which is free and suitable for people you want to market to small lists using WordPress mail.


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