12 Best WordPress Plugins for Use in 2014

Let’s admit that WordPress is used by almost every internet marketer. And we are always looking for new ways to make our blog or website stand out from other by adding newer functions and features. And WordPress plugins make this really easy but can make wonders. You just need to find the best WordPress plugins and from there it is one click install. However, it is also to be kept in mind that install only those plugins which you find essential for your use because too many of them will affect performance of your website.

The best thing about WordPress plugins is that there is always some plugin for a need and they can come really handy for almost every blog. Webmasters are looking or low cost (ideally free), useful features, easy installation and popularity in plugins.

We have skimmed the world wide web and selected the 12 best WordPress plugins which you must consider using in 2014. And we promise that your life as a webmaster of a WordPress blog will be a lot more easier and happier with these best plugins.

So here are top 12 WordPress Plugins for 2014.

1: WordPress SEO by YoastTop-12-WordPress-plugins-Yoast

WordPress SEO easily makes to numerous lists as #1 WordPress Plugins because of the functions it provides, its features, power and ease of use. The plugin does absolutely what it is named as. You just install it and it starts work on your website or blog to make it search engine optimized. This plugin should not be overlooked if you are after free search engine traffic for your website.

2: iThemes Security


This is the first plugin that i install on any website because of my experiences as beginner when my blogs would be hacked by script kiddies like every day. Since i have started using iThemes Security plugin, i have not had a single of my websites hacked. The plugin offers powerful features to secure your WordPress website. You just install it and it will guide you to a secure WordPress site. It can even take your WordPress database backups and send it to you via email.

3: WP Google Drive


Who can forget the importance of backups of your website. Backing up a WordPress site is absolutely essential and WP Google Drive plugin makes it really easy. There are many Backup plugins for WordPress but this plugin backs up to your Google Drive which makes it really convenient and easy to use.

4: Google Analytics Dashboard

google analytics dashboard

This plugin allows you to have a live picture of traffic on your website without leaving your WordPress dashboard ever. Google Analytics Dashboard is a very useful plugin which gives you detailed Google Analytics traffic information of your website stats within WordPress.

5: Shareaholic


Some people call this one of the best plugins for WordPress. This allows you to market your blog on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others. It also provides you with like buttons for social networks which makes it easy for your website visitors to share your content.

6: W3 Total Cache


Since WordPress is a database driven blogging platform, it means every time a user visits a post on your blog, many back-end database queries are performed. With high traffic websites, this leads to high server load which impacts website speed. W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin that speeds up your blog by caching the most used pages and serves them as static content. It also minifies scripts that load when a user views a page. You can also use it to upload your images and other such content to a CDN (content delivery network.)

7: Thank Me Later


This is a nice plugin to engage with visitors on your blog who leave a comment. You can sent them automatic emails which you can pre-programe with this plugin and give those emails a personal touch. Your visitors will love to get emails back from you in response to comment and are likely to visit again.

8: Akismet


This is a must have WordPress plugin if you want that your blog does not become a graveyard of comment spam. Akismet assumes the responsibility of filtering spam comments on your blog. It is a set and forget plugin which does its job to perfection.

9: Contact Form 7


Having a contact form on your blog or website is essential and the easiest way to add this is by using this WP plugin named Contact Form 7. Most of the contact forms on WordPress blogs are powered by Contact Form 7. It even works in integration with Akismet to ensure that no one abuses your contact form with spam.

10: Shortcodes Ultimate


This is an excellent WordPress plugin that can improve design and appearance of your website or blog by a wide margin. It offers more than 40 shortcodes which you can use to add premium features to your themes. If a beautiful design is your requirement, then i highly recommend Shortcodes ultimate.

11: Simple Pull Quote


If you have a news blog or you write about research or current events, then you need to refer to quoted text in you blogs. Mostly readers ignore quotes, however, by using Simple Pull Quote WordPress plugin, you can make these quotes stand out to catch attention of your readers.

12: Jetpack


Jetpack comes from the creators of WordPress themselves so you can be sure of the quality. It is a one in many cloud based plugin which can add many useful features that were earlier available only to WordPress.com users. Some of the popular features are gravatars, hover cards, grammar checks and traffic stats.

I can even take the liberty to say that a WordPress blog is as powerful as the plugins used on it. The most successful blogger swear by some of these plugins, therefore, you also take their lead and reap benefits from these 12 fantastic WP plugins that are rage in 2014.

Have we left out your favorite one from these best WordPress plugins? Let us know in the comments below which ones you like.

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