9 Best Free Blogging Websites For Starting a Blog

A blog is the perfect way to express yourself to the world, make an internet presence for your business or provide useful information to internet readers.

If you are giving thoughts to create a blog, but do not feel confident enough to venture into all the details about web hosting and creating your website, then the ideal solution may be creating a blog at one of the blogging websites that are discussed below. These blog websites offer a huge range of features and have basic free plans. However, if you feel like, you can also upgrade to paid plans on some 0f these free blog sites to get access to more professional features.

Given below are 9 most popular online blogging platforms:

1. WordPress


WordPress.com can be termed as the most powerful and feature rich blogging service available. It is powered by the world’s most popular blogging software called WordPress. The free version provides with 100 free themes, SEO, traffic stats, anti-spam filtering a lot many others.

If you decide to start a blog with WordPress, you will not regret it because some of the world’s most popular websites like Flickr, People Magazine and CNN also use blogs based on WordPress.

It also has some premium features like custom domain and more storage and bandwidth, if you upgrade to premium version.

WordPress is one of the most suitable blog websites, regardless of whether you are just beginning your blogging journey or are an advanced blogger.

2. Blog.com


Blog.com is another blogging platform which is also powered by WordPress. This free service offers some excellent and beautiful themes and also has some excellent plugins which are otherwise available only on self-hosted WordPress blog. However, this service displays excessive ads on your website when compared with WordPress.com. You can of course opt out of advertisements by upgrading to a paid account.

The basic free plan offers 2GB whereas WordPress.com offer 3GB.

3. Blogger


Blogger is owned by Google and comes packed with many exciting features. It has a nice drag and drop Template Designer which can be used by user for customizing appearance of blog according to his desires.

Those looking for an easy platform like Blogger because of its easy to master admin dashboard and seamless Google account integration. One of the most prominent feature on Blogger is setting up custom domains which you can use for free whereas on other blogging websites, you need to pay for such features.

4. Tumblr


Tumblr, now owned by Google, is packed with features and one of the most popular microblogging website. It has some really unique features like audio blogging, a large variety of themes and free custom domains.

Tumblr also allows to sync Tumblr account with Facebook or Twitter which allows user to update social media statuses and accounts from a single point. Perhaps the most powerful feature of Tumblr is community driven blogging sites. It also has support for many other third party websites and services like Google Analytics.

5. LiveJournal


LiveJournal is a blogging website which has social networking at its core. There are features like social networks, polls and interaction with other LiveJournal users which make it a different solution.

Other than that the features are nothing extraordinary compared with other blogging websites. There are nice themes, plugins but these may be qualified as basic at best.

6. TypePad Micro


This is another popular free blogging service with an easy to use and master user interface. It also supports importing or exporting blog to other popular blogging platforms.

However, TypePad has very limited feature set when it comes to themes and extensions. And it is also kind of pricey with the basic paid plan starting at $8.95 per month. There are some good themes with paid plans and the option of custom domain name is also available only with paid plan.

TypePad is limping quite behind when it comes to features and extensions being offered by other blogging platforms.

7. Jux


Jux can be classified among those free blog sites which can be called innovative in nature. You can not call this a conventional blogging site. But it has many features similar to blogging platforms. It allows users to create microblogging websites for sharing with the world.

There are no side widgets or sidebars on Jux templates which sets this service apart from other blogging websites. The blogging approach taken by Jux is neat and clean. All you need to do is create an account and you are ready to blog.

Jux is ideal for smartphones and looks quite amazing but this is not for everyone. For example, WordPress might be your first preference if you are looking to create a normal  and traditional blog. However, if you are inclined towards creating a blog that offers more visual content, then you will find Jux really amazing.

8. Weebly


Weebly has a lot more on offer than just simple blogging. It should rather be called a fully featured website builder. However, the blog feature on Weebly is easy to use with drag and drop support and has support for features like image galleries, maps and audio/video content.

Weebly has one of the industry’s best designer platform which can be used for building client websites. Weebly can be termed as a feature rich and powerful content management system.

9. Blogetery


This is at best a blogging site with modest features. It is based on WordPress. Users with free accounts get access to 140 themes, custom domain names and 40 plugins to extend functionality and features.

All free blogs on Blogetery show ads from Blogetry, however, paid ad free plans cost $3.5 per month which will also provide additional plugins, themes and email support. The paid plans start with 5GB of storage.

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