5 Ways to Build a Free Website

I can safely say that it is a lot more easy now to build a free website compared with a few years back when it was a real tough task to make a website.

There are many different ways to have one website. It is still possible to first learn coding and then use Notepad or Dreamweaver to write code for your website and then use Photoshop to give it the looks – but believe you me it is now not the way websites are built.

Once a complex thing, building a website is now a simple task to build your own website with the help of excellent internet based website building options and content management systems (CMS). You can safely proceed ahead without hiring a web designer if you are comfortable with using basic information technology and have enough time at your disposal.

If you are planning on creating a website, any of the following five methods are recommended (of course we have our bias for WordPress.) And you are not on your own because we have written a step by step graphical tutorial to build a website from scratch and this can be done in minutes.

1. WordPress


WordPress has millions of fans around the world and i am one of those ardent fans because of the power of this simple CMS (content management system.).

Millions of successful webmasters use WordPress to create their websites due to so many excellent options it offers. It is packaged with power and flexibility all wrapped in simplicity. You will never feel intimidated while using WordPress and still the result is a professional website creation.

2. Wix

Wix logo

This is a web based website building tool which can be easily used for sites ranging from simple portfolio sites to online stores.

It comes with basic hosting and there are easy to follow guides for creating a new site on Wix. It is an easy to use platform and is an ideal solution for beginners, though its templates are not as attractive as in case of some other options.

3. Weebly


If you are a complete novice to building websites, then Weebly  is an ideal option for you.

Weebly is built with beginners in mind and is totally based on web. You can start your own website on Weebly without spending a penny. You get a free subdomain on Weebly and your site will be hosted on Weebly servers which saves you dollars on registration of domains and buying hosting.

Weebly is very simple to use but still it churns out visually appealing and attractive websites. Weebly sites are mobile friendly and it is also possible to add social integration features to Weebly sites.

4. Joomla


Joomla is not for absolute beginners because it is an advanced option. Learning Joomla offers some challenges compared with other options.

It does not mean that it is very complex, but definitely it will take longer to get used to. However, with this complexity comes power. With Joomla you can create really powerful and large websites once you become familiar with Joomla software.

If you have plans to create a website that will have many users logging in and adding content, then Joomla is an attractive option side by side WordPress.

5. Drupal


Drupal is the most difficult of the options, therefore, it is mostly choice of tech enthusiasts. However, this is a really useful and powerful content management system. It is a chosen solution for running websites of some very high profile corporate world entities.

By using Durpal, you will come across technical aspects like FTP, web hosting  and file management. If you are an experienced website developer, all these terms are known to you but definitely beginners would like to start with the easier options listed above.

Drupal allows you to create large and powerful websites with a lot many features.

You are not short of options on how to build a free website. But you have to take action. Nothing comes without taking the first step.

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