How to Build Backlinks to Your Website – 17 Easy Ways

build-backlinksThe whole universe of Google search engine optimization is based on the principle that a site should be ranked higher if more people are linking to a website.

This basic SEO algorithm was first put to work two decades ago and this basic principle still is one of the most important factors in Google search engine optimization.

Backlinks from another site that links to your website is a vote of confidence for the search engines and is the most important determining factor for popularity of a website.

These links are different from internal links that you use to link to different pages on your own website. These are important though and often neglected. However, the focus of this article is on how to build backlinks to your website via articles, blogs, social media site and other different platforms.

Even with the increased emphasis on likes, tweets and Google +1s, the importance of websites link back to your website is still a key indicator for getting search engine traffic to your website.

There are literally infinite places from where you can build backlinks and this vastness is the reasons why this is a tiring work. But you have to take a start towards Google search engine optimization at some point. Given below is a list of 15 easy to build backlinks which any website can get.

1. Google Profiles

A backlink from Google itself carries some weight. So do not waste any time before you create Google profiles for your founders and key employees. However, while linking to your website on these profile, use your preferred keyword phrases as anchor text. Google takes into consideration these anchor texts to determine the relevance of your website. The profile link on Google Profiles is not limited by no-follow tag. With the launch of Google Plus, these profile links have gained added importance.

2. Google Places

Create Google Places listings for all of your business locations and while adding links to your website, use target keywords. These links are also free from no-follow limitation and have high search visibility. This is an easy and powerful place to build backlinks.

3. Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon has an excellent products review system and allows you to link to your website in profile. Establish yourself as an authority reviewer and help people with your reviews. However, stay away from naked spamming and self-promotion.

4. Publish Online Articles

Articles sites like Ezine Articles, Self-Growth and Articles Base offer free membership and allow you to publish articles on their websites with a link back to your website via author bio box.

Due to exploitation of these articles directories for SEO purposes, Google places less emphasis now on these backlinks but still these are important source to build backlinks. However, with the additional benefit of brand visibility, you can not ignore this.

5. Blog Comments and Public Forums

Most blogs allow you to add link back to your website , when you post a comment on another blog. However, spam commenting on blogs will not take you very far.

However, if you add a comment that actually is relevant and adds value to the already published article, the reader is more likely to click on the link to your website. Same holds true for public forums. If your posts are helpful, people will click on your website link in profile and visit your website.

Perhaps more valuable are the links you will cultivate with other blog owners.

6. Collaborative Blog Posts

This is a popular trend these days among bloggers. A blogger creates a collaborative blog post and then emails this to other site owners for their input. The contributors add their input along with their website URL and in the end the post (with your website link also) is published by all contributors.

7. Guest Blogging

By contributing a guest post on another relevant blog, you can get a backlink to your own website. However, due to abuse of guest blogging, Google has recently penalized guest blog networks. However, you can still use it to build backlinks if you are not spammy and are not part of some SEO focused guest blogging networks. Quality guest blogging is still an excellent way to build visibility of your brand and exposure. But stay away from gaming Google SEO by spamming with guest posts.


Build company profile as well as employee profiles on The first web site link can have a custom anchor text which should be your keyword. You can add two additional links but these have to be without custom anchor text.

9. Digg

Digg is not the mighty traffic source it once was but it is still a very big community. You can submit the articles links from your website and search engines follow these Digg links.

10. Reddit

It is the most popular link submission site now with a huge following of engaged users. Reddit links are free from no-follow attribute.

11. Foursquare

You should build a Foursquare profile with a link to your website, even if you are not a check-in enthusiast. The link on Foursquare profile is do-follow.

12. Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is an article sharing website which is hugely popular. Gives you do-follow links to your articles.

13. Yelp

Create a Yelp profile because the links in profile are do-follow. However, the links posted in comments are no-follow.

14. YouTube

Do not ignore this powerhouse of targeted traffic. Create a YouTube channel for your website. Any links in the description and comments are no-follow but you can get one no-follow link in your profile.

15. Hubpages

This is a site with significant potential for building backlinks. Use custom anchor text based on your keywords.

16. Yahoo Local Listings

Yahoo local business portal profile allows to have a no-follow link to your website. Make use of target keywords in anchor text and description of profile.

17. Squidoo

A Squidoo lens is a detailed article about a subject with recommended sources as links. Create as many Squidoo lenses as possible with links to your website.

All this will take some of your time but in the end you will build backlinks to your website which will drive your website higher in the search engine ranking.


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