Build Your Own Website That Stands Apart

build your own website

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How can you build your own website that stands out among almost 190 million websites alive on the internet today? How do you build a website which people fall in love with and keep coming back again and again to visit it and also recommend this to their friends?

Creating a website of this nature requires that you build something which is of highest quality in many aspects.

Information quality

It is quite natural that the most vital part of any website is the information that is on the website. If the information is of high quality, it is quite possible that you become successful even while doing many things wrong.

If you want to build your own website which will rock, then the information has to be of top notch quality. The content on the website has to be of high quality, well researched nature. And it has to be unique such that its copy is not already present anywhere on the internet.

It will be even better if you can publish information that is truly original which is different from a rephrased content that is already present on other sites on internet.

Website design

The overall user experience on any website is defined by the design. As a matter of fact you should keep in in mind when you build your own website that design has also started to have an impact on SEO too.

You are strongly encouraged to hire some professional designer for your website if you yourself are not good at it. True that it gets expensive but the difference it will make when you build your own website is huge.

The design should be embodiment of your brand. The log and color scheme of your website should be in symphony with the overall feel that you want for your site.


Every site has a specific and distinct personalty o f its own. For example Groupon personality is of the type of hip one, almost giving a feel of wisecrack personality. AskMen is a website that has a personality which comes across as a kind of helping website for classy men. Similarly WebMD has a hospital like personality.

When you build your own website and you do not manage personality of your website, then people will make different opinions about it. Therefore, it will be a lot better that you put your efforts into creating this persona of your website.


There are certain specific characteristics of websites that have been online for so long a time.

As a general principle, people are more likely to trust already established brands. Websites like Mayo Clinic, and TechCrunch have a lot of positive vibes about them.

If you try to build your own website with the sole idea of making quick money in a few months, then disappointment is waiting for you.

If you will look to create an information website that stands out, then you should be focusing on creating something that will pass the test of time and will be around for years to come.

Business Execution

When you are on the journey to build your own website, you should have a solid business execution plan to succeed. There are a lot many things you will require like good CMS, good SEO, a high quality sales funnel and carefully crafted advertising deals.

All these things will make your own website stand out. Stay away from wasting your energies on creating websites that are mediocre – instead, your aim should be to create those websites which stand out among others.


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