Building a Website with the Right Topic

building a website

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The most important and the first topic for building a website is selecting the right topic because your whole endeavor will depend on it. How can you find a good topic and what makes a good topic? Let us take a detailed view of it:

Unique concept

Generally speaking, there is almost a website already there for any topic you will think about. However, still there are two exceptions.

The first such exception is building a website which is highly niched. For example, creating a website about how to raise a specific bird specie is a very specific and detailed niche. It is all the likelihood that there will not be enough information on any website about such a topic already.

However, another most common approach to building website is giving a spin to an already existing topic. For example, it is possible that you might start “weight loss blogs” in other languages instead of creating another such website. Or you might go for focusing on a subset of a bigger market out there.

Whatever way you adopt, just ensure that you are following a path of uniqueness when building a website. This will immediately reduce competition for your website and give it an early starting opportunity to stand out among the rest.

Know your passion

It is quite often that people do not give enough importance to the role passion plays in building a website. It is quite likely that you will lose your motivation very quickly and start working on something else if there is no passion involved with your efforts.

Ask yourself this simple question: “will i be able to work on this website for many months?”. Will this topic be invigorating for you ore it might bore you after a month?

Out of all the topics out there, why not select a topic that is of motivational value to you.

Investment required

Every topic can be ranked in the search engines. When building a website, it is not a question of “if” but rather it is about “how much”.

If you try to rank for main keywords, it will require a lot of time and of course a lot of money in most of the cases. On the other hand cost involved with longer tail keywords is less and time required is also less than for main keywords.

If you are going to work as a single person when building a website, it is good if you can be realistic and start with a small project with a moderate payout expectation. However, it will make sense to go after bigger topics if you are a team and money to invest.

Profitability factor

And when building a website, never forget to evaluate the profit that is in there in an idea. It will be foolish to invest your costly time and money into a topic that does not have a profit potential.

Carefully carve out a monetization strategy before starting your website. What will be your strategy of making money once your website starts to get traffic?

Try to have a basic idea of how much money you will be able to earn based on the money being made by other similar sites.

Is the return on investment worth your time and effort? If the answer is yest, you might be building a website that is a winner.

In short, you need to keep in mind the uniqueness of your concept, traffic generation possibilities, your own passion and the expected payouts in case of a successful project. If your evaluation of all the above factors is satisfactory, then you can give your project a green light.

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