Building Business Outreach Made Easy With NinjaOutreach

content-prospectingYou might have built a beautiful app or a website with the best business idea but nobody knows about it yet. You need to get the word out. There are different methods for doing that. One easy way is to pay money to big advertising companies like Google or Bing Ads and people will start knowing your business.

But most small businesses start with very limited budget and pay per click advertising can quickly exhaust their bank. Similarly, bloggers also want to make promote their blogs but again the low budgets slow their progress.

One cheaper option is to build your business outreach by reaching out to the top influencers in your niche and using their power to promote your business. But finding these influencers is no less than a challenge. It will take a lot of time which you would otherwise like to spend on your website, building content or actually promoting to these people.

This is where NinjaOutreach really  helps. It does the hard part of business promotion for you. You leverage its power and it will bring you the readymade list of top influencers and persons of interest in your niche with all their contact information. All you need to do is to select the people you want to target and build a list and then start contacting them.

The list management and contact part is also made very simple by NinjaOutreach, right from within the software because you it has readymade email templates for link building, interview requests, content pre promotion, product review request, and guest post request etc.

This is an amazing tool which can make the process of social prospecting and content prospecting really easy. You can also set reminders for follow up with your emails. You can maintain the list of your contacts right within Ninjaoutreach.

Because of its powerful and simple-to-use features, Ninjaoutreach is the ideal tool for those who want to take their business to the spotlight by using the powers of content and social outreach.

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