Building Functional Websites With Socrates WordPress Theme

socrates-wordpress-themeYou can find thousands of free as well as premium WordPress themes that are available for use. A few of these are excellent while some are not as good. But there are a select number of themes that have been designed, keeping in view the requirements of internet marketers and Socrates WordPress theme is one of such themes.

With this WordPress theme, you can go on to make even more money with your website. A feature that sets Socrates theme apart from other themes is that it offers more than two hundred website headers and backgrounds.

You will find a header, regardless of what is your niche right out of the box without the need to pay designers high fees. If you have already tried to create a header for your website or have hired services of an outsourcing provider, then you are already aware that how much money and effort may go into designing a header. And it can get quite frustrating to get things look great on the screen as well.

You can save a lot of money and time by using the included headers with the theme. The look of the theme can be changed quite easily and even newbies can do this comfortably.

Your whole website could be ready for going live in under half an hour. But at any point, you require some help, the team behind development of Socrates theme is there to provide you customer support.

SEO friendliness is another cool feature present in Socrates theme. You will not be needing those WordPress plugins that claim to improve SEO of your website.

A sales page template is also included which can be used for promoting an affiliate product or even a product of your own. The Socrates theme has been coded with such perfection that by just adding a few pieces of code, you will start to make money right from the word go.

Ad units are also provided for under the navigation bar and after the header. You can add your affiliate banners or Google Adsense code here in this space of prominence. And the best thing is that these ad spaces can actually rotate three different ads at the same time. This can prove quite useful when you are split testing different ads to see which one performs best on your website.

One more reason that Socrates is such a popular wordpress theme is that it is quite easy to create a magazine layout with this. With magazine layout in Socrates theme, you can have a slideshow on the homepage which randomly displays post snippets for recent posts published on your website. A portfolio page has also been included for displaying your content as a portfolio to showcase your work.

There are qutie a few useful buttons provided with Socrates WordPress theme which can be used for easy creation of ‘order now’ buttons. You can also display testimonials and videos by using short codes without the need of manually adding videos and testimonials on your website.

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