Building Website From Scratch by Coding: Pros & Cons

web-development If you want a web site to be exactly like you want it, then you have to make it from scratch. For this you need the knowledge of coding and how to create a web site, you would also need to have some designing skills. If you have all the knowledge and the skills and you have enough free time then nothing beats a web site that is coded from scratch.

The Good

If you code a web site from scratch, you get the unlimited power of coding. You can pretty much do anything you like. You can even host your web site on any server you like. The more knowledge of coding you will have the better web site you will make.

The Bad

Coding takes a lot of time, even if you are using some software or framework to help you out. You will always have a work load on you.


To sum it all up, coding a new web site from scratch gives you a lot of control and you only have to pay for the hosting site but it does require a lot of free time.

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