Building Websites With SquareSpace; Easy for Coders and Non Coders Alike

squarespaceSquarespace is website building tool that is easy to use even if you have no knowledge of coding. When you start, you are given some nice templates to work with and these templates are very customizable. The service gives you a cloud like approach to your website, so your website is always online.

The Good Things about SquareSpace

Square space is quite easy to use and any one can use it. When you sign in for the very first time, it will teach you how to use the service. The service offers a lot of attractive templates to work with. Once you have chosen a basic design, Square space will offer you a list of visual editing tools. These tools give you live feed back that can be customized to your liking. If you are more comfortable with coding you can jump right into the editor and start working on the CSS codes.

Adding a new page or page contents to your site is really easy. Whiter you are adding a post to your blog, uploading a picture gallery or making a static page, it can be done by using very little effort and the result is quite beautiful. If you want the users to add comment to your blog, all you need to do it turn it on. The user can log into their Facebook or Twitter account and comment easily on your blog. You can even manage your website by using a mobile app.

The Bad Things about SquareSpace

Square space might offer great and easy platform but it is not free. If you are building a simple and small site, it will only cost you $8 per month that is if you repay for the year, which is more or less the same price as Netflix membership. If you want to make multiple sites then it can get really expensive. If you want all the features Square space has to offer, you would have to pay $16 per month (annual payment).


Square space offers a nice platform for medium to large size websites. With the cloud based system your website will always be online. While it might be good platform for big websites, it’s not a good option for blogs or small sites.

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