Building Websites With WordPress: Unlimited Options for Coders and Non Coders

wordpress-sitesWordPress is the most used content management system for many website creators and bloggers. Despite being nine years old, it is still one of the most versatile and powerful system. You can make a wonderful website or blog without the knowledge of coding but with coding knowledge you are open to endless possibilities.

The Good Things about WordPress

WordPress offers open source service.  It has a wide user base and a large developer community. It is quite easy to use and supports a lot of plug –ins. You also get access to a lot of site templates, known as themes. Most of the templates are free while some of them require money. If you know how code then you can make your own themes and plug-ins. You can find free guides on this subject all over the internet.

Since Word Press has an open source server, you are given to choice to either use your own hosting server or you can sign up for hosted server. The Word Press hosted server is free but the free site offers you limited features. By paying $100 a year, which is about $8.33 or so per month, you get your very own domain name and everything Word Press has to offer.

The Bad Things about WordPress

Even though WordPress is very customizable, you still need to have a bit of coding knowledge to get full control of the design. Even with the help of the tutorial, you will still have to learn basic coding to make your very own theme. While having access to a lot of plug-ins might be good but it gets a bit annoying to sort through them all just to find the right plug-in.

WordPress dose have a rating system but it does not mean that a good plug-in will have all the features you want. Plus the themes and plug-ins get outdated as WordPress updates a lot and may cause compatibility problems. Again if you have the knowledge of coding then problems like this won’t be a big issue for you.

Due to the popularity of WordPress it is often targeted by hackers and spammers. You would need to keep your website updated in order to keep your site safe but you would still have to deal with spam comments. This can be annoying at times and you would have to use a plug-in to remove the spam comments.


To sum it all up, WordPress has always been the platform of choice for most website and blogs. It has a lot of options and offers more customizability compared to other platforms. Sadly without the knowledge of coding, you become quite limited. WordPress might need coding to make a nice website or a blog but still it is a free to use service.

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