Can Content Curation Be Left to Software and Plugins?

Content curation is a time consuming activity because you need to find the information out of all this huge oversupply and then choose which information should be provided to your audience.

There are many wordpress plugins and other software which help in automated content curation but without the involvement of a human being, the curated content is not of high quality and mostly it is not even human readable. Here are some the things that you should consider when you are crafting your content curation strategy:

  • What information suits your business audience
  • Which information adds value to your audience
  • How authoritative and credible the source is from where you want to curate content
  • Is the information relevant or it is too old

And when you think of wordpress plugins and content curation software, you can be sure that these automated tools do not take into account any of the above factors. For a passable content, you will have to massively edit the content yourself, and that will take more time than you will do it yourself without the help of the software tools.

However, one way of using these softwares could be to get a list of what is currently popular and relevant based on the keywords you give. And after you have got a list of the content, you can then humanly choose the topics and content that you consider fit for your audience.

There is not yet any software that is able to write as good human writers write and these do not know what to write at all.

And if you have a following who you want to read your content then they deserve that you curate content with your personal effort. It definitely takes more time to curate and write content yourself, but what you write will be relevant to your niche and business and of course far better in quality. One thing is for sure: You can not survive on the internet marketing world with sub par content for long.

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