Care4teen – a Superb Parental Control Software

parental control softwareCare4Teen is a parental control software that combines the usual online tracking functions with some of the principles made use of by anti virus recognition programs. The app which is still in its early stages is already showing much potential as an excellent piece of freeware.

If you have kids and you are thinking of which program is best for protecting them online, you have to carefully consider the available options and take a decision based on some factors. Price tag, function, power and ease of use are some of the factors you have to take into consideration.

Care4Teen should be given full marks when it comes to ease of use. It functions like some kind of firewall between the ISP connection and your computer, filtering incoming pages and data, in addition to storing them so you can read them later. You will not find it difficult understanding any part of the program, as you can easily understand what any section is about by merely looking at the title. Also, it is not difficult to move from one section to the other, as you can do that with a simple click. On the whole, Care4Teen is really easy to use when it is compared to other programs that work like it.

As regards function and power, at the present time, the application displays more potential than real solid value. This is because Care4Teen makes use of a database kept on their systems to obstruct various websites that may have content not suitable for your kid’s viewing. Over time, this record continues to grow as users continue to add programs and websites into their tracking page. Thus if a user takes the decision to add “” as a website that should not be visited on their system, that particular site will also go into Care4Teen’s database and it will now be seen as a website that possibly contains unwanted content. It is quite obvious that no user will be able to add all the websites that contain unwelcome content to a particular list for the reason that the sites are simply too many, and this is why Care4Teen maintains a database. Several anti virus programs make use of this concept to identify likely dangers to your computer. Any time a new program or website is activated or visited, the program or website is captured in the database to enable every other user gain from it in the future. If this method is not clear to you, probably because you were expecting a program for blocking porn that is much more clear-cut, you will not be pleased with this it. However, you will be pleased if you are able to understand the fundamental intellect behind this system.

Obviously, some of the programs or websites your children are trying to access may not have gotten into the list. But this should not bother you because there are numerous methods to find out the websites your children have been going to that might have unwholesome content, and include such websites to your control list, however if they actually come across a site you are not yet aware of, they might believe you will never find out about it because the site was not blocked by the program. The truth is that they are totally wrong, for the reason that Care4Teen also captures random video clips and screen shots of the happenings on the account every now and then. What this means is that if your children somehow come across a site that has unwholesome material that you are not yet aware of and it has not been added in Care4Teen’s rising database, there is a way for you to find out what they have been up to and take appropriate action. That website can be added to your record, and then it will get to the database, and eventually detected by every other person that uses the program. This basically means that your children might really be aiding your efforts to keep them from harms way with your parental control software. Your children will almost certainly give up, as soon as they appreciate what you are up to, but it is a good idea to let them know there is no where to run, considering that Care4Teen can also work with mobile devices.

The conclusion: Care4Teen is a superb parental control program after taking into consideration its innovative concepts and how much it goes for. Presently, there are several websites with objectionable material that are yet to enter the database, but that is being addressed with each passing day. You should take a look at this program that can help you stop your children from going to programs and websites that they should not be using.

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