Change Default Installation Location For Softwares

By default all computer programmes are installed in C:Programe Files on Windows machines. Sometimes you might need to install porgrammes at different location other than default location . There are mainly two reasons for this:

  1. You want to speed up your computer by having less load on your primary drive.
  2. You want to speed up resource intensive porgrames like Adobe Photoshop or video editing software faster.

Some softwares give you the option to choose installation location at the time of installation but not all offer this choice. Moreover , you might sometimes miss that option during installation. Here is a simple registry tweak to change default installation location for softwares:

    1. Open Registry Editor by Clicking on Start >Run> and typing in Regedit and hitting enter.
    2. Once the Registry Editor is opened , click on File and the Export to take backup of your registry.
    3. Now navigate to the following registry key:


    4.  In the right panel you will see that the corresponding value for key                ProgramFilesDir is set to C:Programe Files . Double click on the value and change this to your choice location e.g      D:MyApps or whatever.

    5. Now whenever you will install any new software , it will install in the default location that you just selected.

    With this simple registry tweak , you can Change Default Installation Location For Softwares.

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