Choose Web Host – Seven Steps Guide

In this article we are going to learn some simple tips that will help you choose web host which is cheap , reliable and technically sound as well.

Cheaper is not always the best, don’t make your website hosting decision solely on price factor. If for extremely low hosting charges per month or per annum, your visitors have to bear consistent crashes on website, is it really worth? In the vast world of internet people don’t bother to visit any area they faced problem in previously, rather they move to someone else offering similar content, products or services. Selection of webhost plays a key role in your website’s success, so here are few aspects you need to consider before you choose web host.

  1. There are different types of hosting options in front of you. Need to understand them all before analyzing the one best suiting your needs. Salient hosting options are shared, dedicated with option for self management and management by host, collocated etc. For newly launched websites, considering visitor activity would be lower, a dedicated server would be overkill. However if you have a lot of flash or multimedia content on your website, you may chose to have dedicated hosting; otherwise a sharing plan would be appropriate. This is the first consideration when you choose web host.
  2. Due to intense competition within hosting world you may come across options of having indefinite disk space for your website. The added space does look good indeed; however make sure it does not come at cost of quality. Usually such hosts oversell their services considering law of average regarding per user space usage. So to avoid practically dead website consider alternatives. Little bit of research will definitely reveal real worth of your ‘cost effective’ host, like time since host is operating, how is the hosting company doing financially, what is their average uptime etc. Take these things into consideration when you choose web host.
  3. Infrastructure needs to support the webhost in order to provide satisfactory service to their clients. Confirm if your host has all the necessary technical equipment to provide you nonstop hassle free service round the clock. What kind of generators they have and how they are maintained.
  4. Support is essential when there are troubled times. Check on your own, if the host has qualified technical support staff. Best way to do is to communicate with them with a technical question and see what the response time is. This is so important for trouble free hosting so give it due weight-age when you choose web host.
  5. You are in most of cases, not the first one acquiring hosting services of the service provider. See the public opinion about the host in related forum, reviews etc.
  6. Technologies are changing very rapidly; see how good the host is in upgrading his services is very important when you make the decision to choose web host.
  7. A man is known by the company he keeps. In case of sharing environment, you are considered same as other websites allowed by hosting service. Actually reputable sources ban the IPs generating spamming and other illegal stuff. Your website may end up as unfortunate victim, due to the fact that mostly the IP is same for all the websites on shared environment.

Read Term of service and other policies of host to confirm what you are getting for subscription. What are the restrictions? What kinds of catches are there? etc.

I hope the above article might have helped you choose web host that would be staying with you for many months to come.

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