10 Tips for Choosing a Right Domain Name

choose a domain nameWhen you are going to set up your website, the first and most critical thing you will be doing is domain name selection. Most of the beginners are looking for advice for naming a domain which might be required for a new website which might be personal or even a business website. Given below are 12 tips that might also be taken as best rules for those looking to select a great domain name.

1. Should be Easy to Type

The long term success of a business depends on finding a domain name that is easy to remember. Try to avoid using slang words like using ‘u’ for you or ‘4’ in place of for because it makes remembering a domain name difficult.

2. Choose a Short Domain Name

Long and complex domain names increase chances of incorrect typing or misspelling. Therefore, it should be brief, short and simple.

3. Use Keywords 

It is advisable to have keyword rich domain name. Try to make use of the keywords that represent your business in domain name. For example, if your business is computer repair then try to get a domain name like computerrepair.com. If you see that someone has already taken this domain then try different prefixes or suffixes for more domain ideas. The benefit of having keywords in domain name is surely going to give u dividends in search engine ranking which will mean more traffic to your site and more customers. However, stay away from partial exact match domain names like computerrepairX.com because Google does not like this at the moment.

4. Use Local Domain Extension When Useful

If your businesses focuses on a local area or city then it is recommended to get a local domain extension. For example if your business targets New York area, then you may like to get a domain NewYorkComputerRepair.com. Similarly if your business in UK, then a domain ending with .co.uk will seem more appropriate.

5. Stay Away from Hyphens and Number

Hyphens and numbers in domain names are a NO because this makes it difficult to remember your domain name. In such cases, be prepared for registering different versions of domain name but the best thing is to stay away from hyphens and numbers.

6. Select Memorable Domain Name

It is important that you select a domain name which can be easily memorized because it is important that your domain name is easy to remember in millions of domain names.

7. No copyright Violation

While selecting a domain name, ensure that it does not have any copyrighted words in it. It is better if you check for the words at copyright.gov before buying a domain name because having a copyrighted word or brand in your domain name is a big risk for your business.

8. Choose Unique Name

The domain name you choose should be unique. Think well because a small mistake may then cost big. For example Flickr was forced to buy Flicker domain because users were mistakenly going to that domain.

9. Always select .com 

Most people who use internet are not tech-savvy and then know of only .com domain. Google has repeatedly said that they do not make distinctions between domain extensions in search ranking but experience has shown that .com domains are easier to rank in search engines. Stay away from .info domain extension because these are considered spammy at the moment.

10. Use Domain Suggestion Tool

In order to save your time while selecting a domain name, make use of some domain suggestion tool for ideas.

Now that you know how to select a domain name, go ahead and create your own website.


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