What to Consider When Choosing Blog Hosting

blog hostingLet us first make one thing clear. Blog hosting is not different from normal web hosting. You can use any hosting for blog hosting unless it meets the minimum requirements set out by a blogging platform. For example, if your blog is powered by WordPress, then you will look for a web hosting with the following minimum requirements set out by WordPress itself.

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

WordPress further recommends Nginx or Apache as web server but this is not mandatory. As long as a web hosting meets the above two conditions, which 99 percent of web hosting do meet, you can use this for blog hosting.

Apart from the above minimum requirements, there are certain other key thing which you should keep in mind when choosing blog hosting.

First of all you should choose hosting from a web hosting company that has been around for at least more than two years. It has become so easy a business that there are many seasonal hosting companies by students or scammers. They are not here to stay in the long run. You do not want going looking for your backups when your host suddenly disappears one day.

Secondly, always choose a web hosting company that has good support. One of the best ways to test support response of a company is to drop them a few pre-sales questions. You can judge professionalism of a company by the timeliness and quality of responses to your questions.

It is also important that before selecting blog hosting, you read real reviews about the shortlisted hosting companies. The emphasis here is on real because there are many shady web hosting companies that keep on getting paid reviews. The best places to find reviews about a company is doing independent research on internet. Moreover, always visit WebHostingTalk Forum to read about reviews.

Since you will be hosting your blog, it is important that the blog hosting you choose must have one click blog script installer like Softaculous.

Also read and inquire about the backups being taken by the blog hosting company because though you will also be taking your own backups too, it is important that your web host also backs up your data. This adds an additional layer of security.

We have shortlisted the best hosting companies that meet the above criteria. You may consider any of these.


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