Christmas Tree Virus – No existence – Hoax

A warning message is fast spreading on facebook. If you have not come across this message yet , there is likelihood that you might receive this message from some of your friends. The message advises you against using a facebook application named Christmas Tree with a warning that it will crash your computer. However, this is a fake message because no such virus has been detected and announced by any of the internet security firms. Message , in one form or another , will also claim that Geek Squad has indentified this Christmas Tree Virus as one of the worst trojans in history of internet and it is spreading like hell. The message will also advise you to forward this message to your friends so that their computer may also “remain safe” from crash. A sample message may look like this.

Reliable internet security firm Sophos has denied existence of any such virus and categorized it as a hoax. It may also be noted that Geek Squad is not a very reliable and reputedĀ  firm when it comes to identifying new viruses. However , with the speed with which this hoax of Christmas Tree Virus is spreading , it is likely that someone may create a virus named such very soon.

These kinds of hoax and fake messages serve no other purpose than creating confusion and false alarms. Please do not forward any Christmas Tree Virus message you receive to your friends unless you establish the credibility of source.

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