4 Ways to Create Fresh Content for Your Website Fast

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A large focus of SEO efforts is creating content. When you are creating a website, this is the first thing that you do. Even hold true for creating an information product or engaging with your followers at the social media. First you create content and then to market that content, you create even more content. It is important that you have a clear understanding of the possible ways of creating fresh content for your website because content is indisputably one of the cornerstones of SEO.


Content is something that can be outsourced to others quite easily. You focus on generating ideas or even the broad outline and then you look for hiring a ghostwriter to create content around your directions. This is a faster way of doing it because you can hire even many ghostwriters and keep creating relevant content really fast.

Experts Corner

Another possible way is to post an “expert” question and ask experts in your niche┬áto answer it every week or every month. If you could possibly reach out to those experts who are in your niche but are not direct competitors, then this will help in further increasing your audience. All you have to do is post their answers in a single blog post, while giving them the credit, and you would have created quality content really fast.

Round Up Posts

Survey your niche and see what others have written about the subject you focus on and then publish a weekly round up of the posts. A good way of doing it is to post a blurb and then a direct link to the actual post on the third party website for your reader to read. And if you could add your own ideas and thoughts to the round up post, you will create even more content really fast.

Newsy Posts

There is always some news related to your niche and content. Register at Google News for alerts based on your keywords and then write a report about the news whenever something new related to that happens and you are alerted by Google News. So unleash the reporter in you to cover news related to your niche. In order to boost credibility of the post and yourself, be generous in linking to the sources.

So when you are looking for ways to create more content fast, try any of these easy tips.

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