How to Create XML Sitemap for your Website

create xml sitemap

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There used to be a time when people first created a sitemap and then they would go on to create a website. The sitemap was equivalent to the plan and foundation of a website. However, with the arrival of front end website builders like WordPress, it is not required that you build your xml sitemap before you build your website. However, it does not mean that sitemap has lost its importance.

Sitemaps are mainly of two types. One kind of sitemap is there to aid your visitors in easy navigation on your website. And the other one which is the subject of this article is called XML sitemap and it is created for the consumption of the search engines for helping them in better and correct indexing of your website. Both sitemaps have their own benefits. But most of the website owners do not have any sitemap these days.

In both kinds of sitemaps, it comprises of essentially a list of all the posts and pages that are published on a website. Some of the other things that are included are page priority, modification dates of posts, and different other elements for facilitating the searching engines to locate and index each page and post on your website. And by the above description, you can immediate gauge the importance of sitemaps for SEO ranking purposes.

And it is quite easy to create a sitemap. There are different types of options available, depending on the kind of website builder you are using. Once you create a sitemap, which can be done manually, or by using automated options, you can then sign in to your Google Webmaster Tools and submit your sitemap. Google prefers that you do submit your website xml sitemap.

If you are using WordPress, you can use simple WordPress sitemap plugins for creating either navigational sitemaps or xml sitemaps. The first kind of sitemap will add a new sitemap page to your website for your visitors to find help for better navigation around your website. The second kind of sitemap will be an XML sitemap, which will be for the consumption of mighty Google.

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