Creating Actionable Content That Delivers Results

One key foundation of creating actionable content is a carefully thought out plan to follow. You should be very clear about what is your audience, which keywords you will use to attract your audience, which content types and topics you will be focusing on and then write down a clear plan about how the content will be created, when and how it will be pushed and published for your audience. As a general rule, more meaningful a content is, the more actionable content it becomes, This is the reason that it is of vital importance in content development.

* Think of Audience Personas – The audience you are targeting has a typical style and is of a specific kind of person. You should be deeply studying their location, demographics data, learning and reading habits, profession and even more if you are serious about creating content that will lead to people taking action on it. By creating audience personas for all different types of content that you are creating, you can make your life easier and create better content.

* Why Content is Created – You should not be creating content randomly. Each and every piece of your writing should have a solid reason for existence. There are different reasons like selling a newly launched product, promotion of a new service, adding subscribers to your email list or it might even be something totally different from these. Once you know the exact reason for creation of content, you can then use appropriate words for the Call to Action in your content.

* Simple – KISS method of doing things delivers results in many areas and creating actionable content is no exception. Take extra care and explain the technical terms and jargon in simple words for your audience to avoid any confusion about meanings and intent of any words. This will also mean there will not be any confusion about what kind of action you want from them.

* Correct Layout – The presentation of something determines how the audience is going to consume it. Are you going to consume your content in the form of an ebook, on your website or on Kindle? Try to fathom the intricacies of how people read content online and how they read it in books. For example, there has to be a lot of white space for online content and some other factors for making the content easier to read and comprehend.

* Give clear Examples – By clearly explaining to people how a thing is done, the response is a lot better than when you simply tell them to do something. And this point also is a key difference between someone who is regurgitating existing information and a person who is an expert on the topic.

* Make use of Visual Cues – Images explain things more than words most of the time and they also evoke feelings. You can get your point of view across to the audience more easily if you make use of infographics, memes, and any other kinds of visual data. This also makes the content more actionable than mere text content.

* Give Answers to Hot Questions – Audience is looking for answers to their hot questions. If you remain aware of the latest questions on the subject, your audience will know from reading that you are reading their minds and they will brand you as the go-to person in case they are looking for an answer to a question in your niche. Try to get hold of the questions from those online places where your audience generally hangs out and then start answer-focused content production.

* Think Creatively – The first thing that comes to mind when you talk of creating actionable content is text articles or blog posts. But as a matter of fact content can appear in many other different forms. Think innovatively and always experiment with presenting your information in creative formats. This will definitely transfix your audience.

And finally always keep in mind that the main focus of your writing should be to adding value to the information of your audience. You have to produce regular and excellent content at the right time to gain confidence of your audience. You can always add value to your audience information if you develop a carefully thought out plan and then create actionable content with a strategic sense and purpose.

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