Creating Content for Different Stages of Prospect Awareness

Whenever you are creating content copy, you should be fully aware of who your audience is. There are always going to be three types of users: beginners, middle-of-the-road and advanced. As you are writing different types of copy, make sure that it addresses the needs and requirements of different levels of users, according to their awareness level of the products.


When writing content copy for someone who has absolutely no idea about your products and services, the copy has to be informative, educative and inspiring. This should be similar to the type of copy you write for how-to articles and white papers. You should expertly create  a story that weaves in the why of your audience and at the same time be educative too. Because in the end it is all about them.


Another category of people for whom you will write copy is the one which has basic knowledge about you and your products and also why they need these products but they have yet to be become your buyers. They have already done basic research, are fully aware of their own needs and what products they need to solve these needs and are in the process of making final decision about what will perfectly fit their needs. If you want to be the person that they decide to buy from, then you need sell to them that why what you offer is the right one for their job.

Advanced Users

And you will also need to write copy for those who are already your buyers. Writing this type of copy to perfection is also important if you want to increase the lifetime income from each buyer. The type of copy will focus on making assumptions about what they like about your products and what they will need in future. You make this assumption that they trust you and your product because of a prior purchase and that they are fully aware of the problems they are suffering and that you offer solutions for those problems. You need to offer the additional products and solutions to them.

Types of Content

You can write content for all stages of prospects awareness but the choice of words will be different for each.

Newbies – For these, you have to write in a teaching mode but be aware that you should not be sounding condescending. Make use of educational emails, testimonials and how-to videos. E courses to help your prospects learn about your products, the solutions that are available and why your solution is better one.

Intermediate – These are the prospects which need to reassured and also be given proof that you offer the solution that they are looking for. They are aware of the problem they are having, and they also know different solutions to the problem and now it is your job to show them why your solution works best. Testimonials and success stories about your products’ effectiveness will be very helpful.

Advanced – This type of copy-writing is focused on turning the customers into repeat buyers. This can be done by sending them new information about your new products on offer. Another way is to engage with them and get information about how they are using the earlier product. This will be a reminder about the quality of your earlier product. In fact it will also instill further trust and confidence in your products and services in their minds.

Creating copy for different stages of prospect awareness requires a thorough understanding of the audience as a whole, your products in general and also in specifics too. You should create content targeted at different stages of awareness and be able to break down content according to the awareness stage of the prospects.

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