Creating a Content Plan for your Website

One of the sure ways to get ahead of your competition is planning and preparing your blog content well ahead of time. Most of the bloggers write content based on inspiration only without any regular content plan for their blog. But those who are determined and want to create a money making and high value website, always start with a document plan.

Understand the audience

A key element of creating a high value blog with amazing content is to know your audience in all possible detail. Try to determine the words that leave a lasting impact on them. You also should be aware of all of their fears, worries, interests, loves, hates and how all these basic elements of life have a relation with your services or products. The more your content about your services and products is produced in their language, the more impact it will have on them.

Know the industry

The niche you have selected for yourself has a past, present and also will have a future. It is very important that you have a good idea about the history of the niche you are operating in and are well knowledgeable about who are the movers and shakers of that niche. You can ensure that you remain at the cutting edge of your industry if you know it as a whole compared with just focusing on only small part of it. And by doing this, you can improve the quality of your content tremendously and achieve an ever higher level.

Know news, seasons and events

Another important component of creating an excellent content plan is to be aware in advance about what are the latest happening and being able to catch the wave when something new and big happens in the industry. Keep updated regardless of whether you blog about accomplishments, events, or the things happening in your own personal life or any business industry. Keep the content relevant by linking it with those things which your audience has associations with and cares about.

Impact of newsletters and social media

Any successful internet marketing effort has to keep a link between blog content, social media content and newsletters. It will not be possible to get best results if you do not plan your blog content and the promotion strategy in sync with each other. It does not work if you only consider that you will write good content and “they will come” – instead, you should make both things work together.

Main pages on pour blog

A professional blog will have many pages other than the blog page too. All these pages are very important for giving a professional look and feel to your blog. Some of the pages you might consider are:

* About page

* Contact page

* Guest posting information

* Advertising information

* Media page

* Services/product page

* Archived posts

* Tools and resources

* Subscribe page

* Start here page

* Privacy policy

* Terms of service

* Disclosures page

Apart from the fact that these pages are very important but they also provide space for you to write content which is always required for attracting search engine traffic and your audience too for indexing and reading your blog. By pre-deciding the pages you will be adding your blog, you can plan ahead the content that you will be writing for these pages.

Limit your categories

After deciding which pages other than the normal blog page you will add, it is now time to determine which categories will be making part of your blog. It is important that you limit the number of categories on your blog. Try to remain between 9 to 15 categories at the most. This has many benefits because you can narrow your focus by adding fewer categories and your readers can also easily locate content on your blog.

Choose content schedule

Ask yourself the question: how often i will add content to the blog, when creating a content plan for your blog. It is important because based on the services and products you will be promoting, you will create an editorial calendar for yourself. By already knowing if you will be posting daily or weekly, you can make it less stressful for yourself and by remaining focused you will get better results too.

Major and minor keywords in niche

By studying the keywords that are in your niche, you can come up with ides about the subject you want to write about and the categories to add to your blog. By shortlisting the subjects, you can also determine the form in which your content will appear on your blog. For example, one of the options is to post interviews with the movers and shakers in your industry. Such interviews are better if you publish these in the form of a podcast and a ‘how to’ post about a subject will be more effective if you post in a video format.

For having a successful blog, it is vital that you create a content plan for your blog. By not having a plan of action for your blog, you can easily get stuck while blogging on whimsical basis. And this is precisely the reason why most of those who want to take up blogging as an income option never see the real results. The real difference comes from blogging with a deep focus and purpose and content plan is the starting point for this.

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