Creating Viral Infographics as Link Bait

infographics link bait

ashleyma / Pixabay

Images is a type of content which is very popular on social media these days – especially those images which have been created as infographics. Simply speaking an infographic is an image which has data in easy to understand language in pictorial forms mostly. It might also be a picture that describes in a pictorial way how to do something. Infographics are a fun way of information sharing and people love to read these infographics.

However, it is quite a task to create these, more so if you do not have expertise in creating graphics. Creating infographics can be an expensive thing and though you might be very tempted to get involved with creating infographics, but this might sound too much of an effort because of the costs involved too.

But there are easy ways of getting this done too. You can buy a product which will help you a lot in creating infographics quite easily. And by using this graphics package and the free image editing tool called PIXLR, you can soon be creating very interesting and awesome infgraphics for any kind of niche you might be in. The graphics available in the package can be used for things other than infographics. Therefore, when you buy this, you will not be spending your money on something which you can not use in other ways because it is not restrictive.

Thought it is commonly believed that infographics are a link bait, it is not essential that this works every time. You will have to really put extra effort to create an awesome infographic which will be shared by your visitors. And branding of the infographic should be such that the visitors ultimately keep visiting back your website.

One major drawback of infographics is that being big images, they tend to load slowly and people might click away. Another danger is that the infographic you create might not site well with the audience. Therefore, it is an absolute essential that you spend a lot of time studying what your audience wants to know and then create infographic based on that information. One way of testing the waters is to convert an already popular post on your website into an infographic first and then see the results.

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