Why Having Custom Landing Pages is Important

custom landing pages

geralt / Pixabay

If you are regular guest blogger then it is quite an important issue that you should carefully fill in your author’s box and the backlink to your website that you put there. If this link just plainly leads to your home page or to a page where there is not powerful description of what you do and what your website is about, your readers might soon click away because they will not be able to find the relevant information right away. And now consider how engaging your content can be if you create custom landing pages in sync with the blog post and where it is appearing on other sites.

The conversion rate will be a lot higher if the people who click through your backlink and reach your site and feel a sense of welcome there. Even if your website has the top quality and best content in the world but your readers are at a loss  about what to do next, they are not going to be converting visitors. By getting people to your home page or an ordinary sales page from the link on a guest post is not quite beneficial as giving special treatment to these guests on your website.

By showing people that you care about their time and needs, you can get more conversions. It is not very complex to create a special landing page for every new guest blog. Your landing page might have a headline to welcome the visitor and then further down the page, you can write about what your website offers and why it is beneficial for the reader to subscribe to your newsletter or may be buy something on your website.

It is quite simple to create custom landing pages by having a template. Because then you can edit this template by making changes to the title, and other text and cut and paste it as a completely original new landing page for your audience. And believe you me that the few minutes that you will spend while creating these will be worth it.

Custom pages are more than important to improve your conversion rate, make a wow impact on your audience and cultivating new fans. Guest blogging produces results only if you track your conversions from guest posts very carefully and keep providing high quality and engaging content for you existing and potential readers.

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