When Does Your Website Need Dedicated Hosting

dedicated hostingDedicated hosting is a type of hosting which is the most premium one because a single physical server is dedicated to a single website. All the resources available on the server are all available for that single website or service. This is different from shared hosting or even VPS hosting in that while on a shared hosting platform hundreds of websites share a single sever. Similarly in case of VPS hosting, many different clients share a virtualized server.

Dedicated hosting service is also commonly referred to as dedicated server which can be set up externally in a data center or in-house. Here are some of the benefits of dedicated hosting:

Full Control

First of all being on dedicated hosting gives you full control of the machine. This means that server can be tweaked to exact requirements of the client. They can choose to install any features that are needed for the website.

Better Performance

With dedicated hosting you get higher stability and performance because only one client is using it. Some of the best dedicated servers reach uptime of virtually 100 percent.

No Congestion

When compared with shared hosting, server congestion being caused by neighboring websites is not an issue on dedicated hosting. Here no other websites are competing with yours for CPU, disk space or bandwidth. In fact dedicated web hosting is the answer if the website is resource heavy.

Better Server Security

Those clients who are using dedicated hosting can install the security scripts of their own choice and configure it according to their requirements. They can stay away from the security vulnerabilities that might be introduced on a shared hosting server by other websites.

When to Switch to Dedicated Hosting

However, the biggest thing you should keep in mind is that you should be competent enough to manage a physical server and troubleshoot it if you are going to opt for a dedicated server. Moreover, it should also be evaluated if your website requires all these resources of a dedicated server because otherwise you might be going for the overkill.

So ideally speaking, you should move your website to dedicated hosting only if it is receiving a very high traffic and you are getting problems because of other neighboring websites on a shared server. But you might also like to evaluate the middle option of VPS hosting.

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