Delete Files that do not Go Away with FileExile

delete filesMost Windows users are used to seeing files that they wish to delete but can not. You may find it difficult to delete files in an operating system for a number of reasons. The file may be in use and is therefore locked by the process that is using it, or it may have a very long path. Sometimes it could be confusing language characters that you are not able to understand.

When users find it difficult to remove files by pressing the delete key, they may use such tools as Free File Unlocker, IOBit or Unlocker to help them get rid of the file.

Another program that can be used to delete files which do not want to be removed is FileExile. After installing this program you will not find it in Windows Explorer’s context menu because it does not attach itself there. All the operations are carried out within the central program interface.

From this location you choose a file or folder that you wish to delete. Sadly, the file or folder that you intend to delete must be selected by using the browse button.

The program was successfully used to remove files that another process had locked. It was also used to delete files which had invalid names and the files that had very long file paths.

You should not be worried about mistakenly deleting important system folders such as windows or user directory because the program has an inbuilt safety device that will prevent that. If you want to be able to get rid of such files, you have to enable it by going to Settings and switching to advanced mode. Do not forget that if you delete certain important system files, your operating system may be rendered inoperative and it will no longer start.

If you want to know the activity that the program is carrying out as it is performing that activity, you can also go to Settings and enable the show out put option. Logging can also be enabled from this location.

One thing that developers should think of improving in coming editions is accessibility, because it is a huge concern for users. Dragging and dropping files into program windows is one feature that users would find very attractive. Also the program would be more appealing to users if it is better integrated with Widows Explorer. However it is still a very good option, particularly for people who find it difficult using the other tools to delete files which cannot be deleted easily.


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