Delete WordPress Account: Can I and How to Delete WordPress Account?

delete wordpress accountIf you want to delete wordpress account, please note that you can not delete wordpress account. However, having said that you can have this workaround that will effectively delete wordpress account in spirit though it will remain as an account. You might need to delete your wordpress account due to many issues which might be personal or business related. 

Is it Possible to Delete WordPress Account

However, as of present wordpress has stated that it does not allow to delete wordpress account.You may, however, delete your wordpress blog or site by following the instructions described here.  The reasons might be best known to wordpress.

Can Not Delete WordPress Account: How to ensure Privacy

However, you can do these things to ensure your privacy after you have deleted your blog:

  • The frist step to delete wordpress account is to Log in to your wordpress account and go to My Account->Edit Profile. Delete everything excepting the username and the email address. 
  • The next step to delete wordpress account is to change this email address to some trash email address which you do not use. This will effectively delete all of your private information thought you may not delete wordpress account itself. 
  • You may also unsubscribe from emails by visiting here and selecting the option “Block all subscription emails from”
  • The last thing to delete wordpress account is to visit your gravatar profile here and remove all the information from there. As an additional privacy measure you could also make your gravatar profile hidden by selecting “Hide My Profile”. 

With these steps you might not be able to delete wordpress account but you would have indirectly achieved the objective. All your private information would have been deleted from the All that remains there is your username and a useless email address. However, if you want to delete the wordpress account completely, the short answer is wordpress does not allow to delete wordpress account. 

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