Delete WordPress Blog: How to Delete Your WordPress Blog

In another tutorial we earlier discussed how you can delete your account. Any how to delete wordpress blog tutorial should ideally touch upon two things. It should explain how to delete wordpress blog on as well as how to delete your self hosted wordpress blog. 

Delete WordPress Blog on

As far as the method to delete wordpress blog which is on is concerned, you can delete it quite easily. However, before you make your decision to delete your wordpress blog, you may like to consider the following options available to you:

  • You can change the address of your blog if it is still available for registration.
  • You can delete the existing posts on your blog rather than delete wordpress blog and start your blog afresh.
  • Transferring your blog to another account is also an option.
  • Finally you may take your blog private.

However, if you are not satisfied with any of the above options and want to delete wordpress blog on, then you can follow these simple steps to delete wordpress blog:

delete wordpress blog

  • Login to your wordpress blog  and go to Tools ? Delete Site.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the option of “Permanently delete my site’s address and all content”
  • On the next presented screen check the option which says: I am sure i want to remove and i know i can never get its contents or address back
  • Press the Delete button. An email confirmation link will be sent your email address. You will have to click on that link to effectively delete wordpress blog. 

Delete WordPress Blog Which is Self Hosted

If you want to delete wordpress blog which is self hosted, which means that it is installed on your own hosting and domain name, then you can do the following things to delete wordpress blog. 

  • If you had installed your wordpress blog from the one click installer from your cPanel, then you could also uninstall it with one click. 
  • In order to delete wordpress blog, you could also FTP to your hosting and delete the wordpress directory and its associated files. Please make sure that you do not delete any files which were present before you installed your wordpress blog. 
  • If you are not comfortable with hosting related issues, then you should seek help from your web hosting provider. 

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