Design Your Own Website With These Tips in Mind

design your own website

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There are countless internet marketers who have this strong impression that design of their website is not very important. They have this belief that the quality of the content on the website or their SEO strategy are the ultimate deciding factors in success of their website. However, the truth is that design does matter a lot. Therefore whether you design your own website or get it from someone else, you should give it a lot of detailed analysis and review.

A simple definition of design is that your website should look good. Another way of judging a website design is by evaluating how well it expresses the brand and how strongly and correctly it conveys emotions about that brand.

Therefore, since design matter, therefore, you should be aware of the following best practices when you design your website:

SEO post-Panda and Design

Initially design did not have an impact on website SEO. It was simple: Google crawler will visit your website, read the content present on it, know your backlinks and decide where to place your website in search engine rankings.

However, this has changed significantly now.

Though Google still looks at all the above mentioned things, but its algorithms are increasingly making use of other signals too with the sole aim of ranking “high quality website” higher.

And good website design is a hallmark of all good quality websites. Google algorithms now have built in intelligence about identifying good website design qualities which are present in these quality sites.

In simple words, if you design your own website with best design practices in mind, Google algorithms will know this and give you credit in search engine rankings.

Website Metrices

Google also evaluates a website metrices along side good design now. Some of these site metrices that Google takes into account are average length of visits on your site, bounce rate, click through rates etc. The better these stats are, higher will your website be placed on search engine pages.

And it is very natural that these metrices are enhanced if your website has good design. There when you design your own website, give a thought to how your design in impacting these areas. If your visitors find your website a professional website in appearance and content, they will spend more time on it.

Design and website traffic

Building traffic to your website has two aspects: to bring new visitors to your website and also convert the first time visitors into repeat visitors. If you design your own website with the best practices in mind, people will keep returning to your website.

Mostly people keep visiting those website where they feel a strong connection with the website. Your website must give an impression that the information presented on your website is credible. Your website should clearly express that its creators put in a lot of attention, care and put in creating and maintaining it.

A good design helps with all these things.

Help with backlinks

And design even helps with building backlinks to your website. Just think this before you design your own website. Will you like to link to a website that is poorly designed? Sure not. You will rather happily  link to a website that has been superbly designed, if all else remains equal.

By having a good design, you increase credibility of your website which will help you to increase your backlinks.

In short, when you design your own website, always keep in mind that design matter a lot. It goes on to make a huge difference in the long term, though it is difficult to exactly measure in terms of return on investment.

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