Making Sense of Dimensions Report in Adwords

There are diverse reporting capabilities available in AdWords which are there to help you in getting best return on investment you make on PPC campaigns. And one of the reports that is very useful is called “Dimensions” report. This is a report that gives you deep insight in to the demographics of your visitors, details about organic search versus paid advertisements, which are the search keywords that are producing results, what is the time of the day when more people visit your website and a lot more.

It is sometimes overlooked, thought, using dimensions tab in AdWords is quite easy to use. All you have to do is to click on a tab and then select your desired report from different reports available, the details of which are mentioned below.

* Geography – The details about your audience’s geography is available in this report. Which country, state and whether most of your visitors are concentrated in a single location? It is then up to you to further explore the reasons and repeat your success.

* Labels – It is possible that you might not have thought over the importance of labels until now. You can get idea about how different ads are faring by making use of labels.

* Paid versus Organic – It is quite useful if you can know what is the proportionate share of your revenue coming from organic search and paid search because this will allow you to calculate proper ROI of your pay-per-click campaigns.

* Search Terms – What are the search keyword phrases that people are using to find your real estate online? Did they come to your site using organic search terms or paid search terms?

* Time – What is the time of the day when there are higher chance of users clicking through your advertisements?

* Top Movers – You can set up this report for a specific period of time. For example, you might have recently run a Facebook PPC campaign and you might be interested in knowing the effect of your ads running during this time.

* URLs – One great way of exactly knowing which URLs are performing better is by setting up destination URLs. You can also identify the poor performers and try to know the reasons.

All of these tabs are there to help you reach an understanding of number of unique visitors, and returning visitors. You also get to know the frequency of your ad’s appearance and adjust it suiting your needs and results. By using the view by labels, you can get further specific information. You can now what is not producing results and what is working by comparing labels with each other.

The Dimensions report in Adwords are very easy to use and give a detailed insight into the working of your PPC campaigns as they are running. With this available insight, you can further tweak your PPC campaigns to gain a higher level of ROI. It is possible to bring changes to your running Adwords campaigns, based on the information you get from this Dimensions report.

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