Disconnect – Browser Extension to Disable Data Tracking by Third Parties

Probably you have heard of or used Facebook Disconnect which is a browser extension that gives the functionality to remove Facebook Connect from third party websites. It has seen more than 50 thousand users in just two weeks time and landed amongst the top 10 extensions for Chrome. Now the Creator of Facebook Disconnect , Brian Kennish has resigned from his well paid job at Google to focus full time on development of a browser extension that blocks third party data tracking while browsing by multiple websites. Building on the functionality of Facebook Disconnect , the  new browser extension called Disconnect is available for Chrome and Rockmelt browsers. It has capability to prevent major websites like Google , Digg , Facebook , Twitter and yahoo from gathering information in the form of cookies about your browsing and the searches that you performed in your browser. Kennish calls this web 2.1 , a much needed privacy path for the online world.

Over a period of time, people have grown more concerned about what data websites collect about them while they are browsing or searching . This concern will naturally result in development of more web 2.1 applications like this. It is very easy to use Disconnect and does not interfere with your normal browsing and very least intrusive. You are free to use email  but at the same time your searches are completely anonymous . It is quite easy to see which sites have been blocked for how many times and unblock function is also quite user friendly in Disconnect. All these functionalities are available from toolbar at your browser.

The work on Disconnect extension to block third party cookie tracking is still in progress for Firefox and Safari versions. In the meanwhile you can test and use it for Chrome and Rockmelt browsers here . Here are four key functions of Disconnect:

  1. Disables tracking of users through cookies
  2. Depersonalizes search in browsers.
  3. Shows you Blocked requests
  4. Sites can be easily Unblocked


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